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Illegal Immigration

Conservatives believe in legal immigration, but find it necessary to prevent people from entering the country illegally and breaking a number of laws for a variety of reasons. The many issues revolving around Illegal Immigration will be discussed here.

The Dark Side of Open Borders and Illegal Immigration
The illegal immigration problem is real, despite the media and left's attempt to portray these people as victims. Here is just one week of stories.

Will Immigration Reform Create 11 Million New Democratic Voters?
How immigration reform could impact national elections.

How Conservatives Can Counter Obama
Learn about the various issues conservatives can use to counter Obama in 2012 presidential election.

Obama's Illegal Immigration Order
Analysis of the reasons President Obama may have signed the order to end deportations for certain illegal immigrants.

Self-Deportation: A Definition
What is self-deportation and is it a concept that could actually work?

Reviewing the 2013 Senate Immigration Bill
A Conservative take on the US Senate's 2013 immigration reform bill.

Marco Rubio, Immigration Reform, and Conservatives
Taking a second look at Rubio's immigration reform efforts.

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