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Pros and Cons of the Top Republicans Potentially Running for President

The pros and cons of the conservatives and Republicans potentially running for president in 2016

5 Republican President/Vice-President Combinations for 2016

A look at potential Republican President and Vice-President tickets in 2016. What combinations will conservatives go for?

Tennessee Senate Race in 2014 - Republican Primary

The US Senate primary in Tennessee features Lamar Alexander and a number of more conservative challengers.

Ben Carson vs Hillary Clinton

When it comes to Book Sales and Fundraising, Ben Carson has Been the Only One to Keep Pace with Hillary Clinton

The Dark Side of Open Borders and Illegal Immigration

The illegal immigration problem is real, despite the media and left's attempt to portray these people as victims. Here is just one week of stories.

How the Unemployment Rate is Calculated and What it Tells Us About Jobs

How is the unemployment rate calculated and examples of what the rate tell us about the economy, labor force participation, and economic health.

Inevitable Hillary: The 2016 Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

An early look at the 2016 race power rankings for President on the Democratic side and whether Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden can battle the Hillarys of the world.

2016 Republican Presidential Power Rankings (July 1, 2014)

The 4th Edition of the 2014 Presidential Power Rankings include a surge by Jeb Bush and a surprise showing by Dr. Ben Carson.

The Conservative Case for... Travis Childers?

Should conservatives vote for Democrat Travis Childers in the US Senate race against Thad Cochran? It might not be so crazy after all.

How the GOP Will Lose the US Senate in 2014

Polls show that the GOP could or should win control of the US Senate. But their tactics and candidates could prove a losing formula in 2014.

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