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The Top Conservatives to Follow on Twitter



There are many conservatives using the new social networking tool, Twitter, but figuring out the best ones to follow is tough. Some rarely tweet (post) and others may not be that interesting. One quick way to find a large pool of conservative tweets is to use the "Top Conservatives on Twitter" hash tag, "#tcot" in your Twitter search box. But even then it's just a roll of the dice. This list of the top 20 conservatives on Twitter describes why you'll like them, and even offers sample tweets to whet your appetite.


Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Perhaps the most interesting conservative on Twitter, Michelle Malkin is an accomplished author, blogger and political commentator. Her tweets are almost always professionally oriented, and include links to her insightful blogs or to other excellent conservative content. She occasionally promotes her appearances on FOX News or other programs, and almost always offers amazing insights in under 140 characters. Unlike many high-profile political Twitterers, Malkin isn't too proud to retweet (RT) (post the tweets of others).

Sample Tweet: Just posted - Question of the day: Does the GOP have enough balls to fight the Left? http://is.gd/9Hgn3


Michael Johns

National Tea Party founder and leader Michael Johns is also a former health care executive, White House speech writer and Patriot Caucus chairman as well as a former policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation. He is on the board of directors of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, a 28-member advisory group that provides public commentary on the direction of the Tea Party movement. Johns' tweets often include hash tags to a variety of other excellent groups, which gives his followers a chance to find other content in which they might be interested.

Sample Tweet: The BHO plan to reward illegals: http://tinyurl.com/ygpx2tk #tcot #gop #liberty #ocra #sgp #73wire #rs


Win McNamee/Getty Images

House Republican Leader John Boehner is a fiscal and social conservative who has perfected the ability to disagree with his liberal colleagues without losing their respect. His tweets are direct and often offer up-to-the-minute details on the latest legislative battles. He makes good use of hash tags, often including them in the body of his tweets, and he will often retweet and post links to material related to himself or his causes (especially the Freedom Project PAC, of which he is honorary chairman). He's also a fan of posting video links.

Sample Tweet: Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) says Pres has "no intention of opening additional areas" to offshore #energyhttp://is.gd/9BATb #jobs exploration



The tweets of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are, like the woman herself, unorthodox. They also run in spurts. She'll tweet several times in one day, then tweet nothing for days at a time (other than a few words of encouragement to American troops or her favorite athletes and shout-outs to home-town friends). Her tweets are typically oriented toward her unique brand of neo/paleo/social/fiscal conservatism and she will often link to her page on Facebook, where she has developed a major presence since 2009.

Sample Tweets: Fact-checking Obamacare Summit http://fb.me/8FPZGtX" and "Happy B'day Glenn Beck! Ah, the wisdom of our elders...



The Heritage Foundation's Twitter page is one of its great assets. It's updated several times a day and offers followers links to its excellent content. Always timely, and making good use of hash tags, @Heritage should definitely be on every conservative's follow list.

Sample Tweet: Obama's #healthcare speech yesterday didn't pass the laugh test. He's not serious about bipartisanship. http://bit.ly/byrQOa



The official Twitter page for the RedState.com, these are excellent tweets if you're a conservative who isn't well-acquainted with "tweet-speak," which often employs acronyms and abbreviations that can sometimes be difficult to decipher. Like many institutional Twitter pages, RedState links almost exclusively to its blog, but its tweets are updated frequently, blessedly brief and very often include hash tags. It's an excellent resource for "right of center activists."

Sample Tweet: The *wrong* Big Question. http://bit.ly/9YqU8K #TCOT #RS


M. Caulfield/WireImage/Getty Images

Glenn Beck's tweets are almost entirely devoid of links and hashtags, but then ... why does he need them? Most of his followers are well aware of who he is, what he stands for and where to find his content on the radio, TV and Internet. And while his Twitter page does promote his other media enterprises, it is also surprisingly personal, giving followers a glimpse into his personal life. He doesn't update often (ever few days), but after just a few weeks, followers will find his tweets to be rather mundane.

Sample Tweet: I have been playing w/ the kids for the last 3 days.Lots of time to smile,relax and think. Things are coming together. Great News 2 share.


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It's fairly evident that Karl Rove, the former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, knows his way around a Twitter page. His tweets are well-steeped in the "twitter-speak" ling and acronyms, and he makes excellent use of links and hash tags. His links are to wherever he can offer his followers the best insight; sometimes it's to his Facebook page, sometimes to his web site and sometimes to pages he just finds interesting. Like the man himself, all of Rove's tweets give conservatives good information upon which to gnaw.

Sample Tweet: GOP pick-ups in VA & NJ leg. races sign no Dem. immune 2 politically poisonous effects of Obama presidency http://bit.ly/cskSKl #TCOT #SGP


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Ginrich's tweets are about what you'd expect from him. They're exclusively politically-oriented and offer readers links to articles from many different sources, as well as to his own web site musings. He doesn't rely heavily on hash tags, so his tweets are fairly brief and straight-forward. Gingrich's Twitter page is an excellent way to track his various engagements and guest appearances.

Sample Tweet: Democrats are turning to the reconciliation process precisely because they are rejecting bipartisanship http://bit.ly/c770kg


Pool/Getty Images

For the conservative who enjoys penetrating insight delivered in an amusing or intriguing way, Fred Thompson is the Twitterer to follow. While he'll provide a link or two here or there (and he almost always tucks in a hash tag at the end), it's evident that Thompson's tweets are meant to elicit an emotional response from like-minded conservatives. Thompson is a master of boiling complex ideas down to their simplest parts, so Twitter might as well have been created just for him. Thompson's worthy of a follow, if only for his entertainment value.

Sample Tweet: Gibbs: Bunning "irrational" for blocking a Dem spending bill. No, irrational for expecting Dems to pay for their spending sprees #tcot #ftrs

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