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Conservative Resources

There are many places on the web and at About.com, where you can learn more about the conservative movement, its agenda and where its headed. Here, we'll tell you how to get involved, how to be an effective activist and where you can go to do your part.
  1. The Tea Party (9)

3 Conservative Websites to Favorite in 2014
For 2014, a trio of websites should be added to conservatives' must-read lists.

Top Conservative and Tea Party Websites (2012 Edition)
If you are looking for a wide variety of conservative opinion in the era of Obama, this is the list for you. These websites offer a broad range of opinions and information from multiple sources.

Failed Choices: A Review of the Book Covering Hillary Clinton's SOS Tenure
A book review of Failed Choices, the counter-argument to Hillary Cinton's Hard Choices memoir covering her time as Secretary of State.

The Rise of Conservative Movies
Conservative movies are being made these days, and the quality is vastly improving. These are the movies we have to look forward to for 2014 and beyond.

Top 5 Stories of 2012 for Conservatives
Looking back at the top stories of importance to conservative in 2012

Best Conservative Blogs

Your guide to the most thought-provoking conservative blogs on the Internet.

Top 20 Conservatives on Twitter
A list of the top 20 conservatives on Twitter.

A Glossary of Conservative Terms
A glossary of conservative terms in alphabetical order.

Conservative Gift Ideas -- What Are Your Gift Ideas for Conservatives?
What are your favorite gift ideas for conservatives?

Best iPhone Apps for Conservatives -- What Are Your Favorite Conserva…
What are you favorite conservative iPhone apps?

Political Caricatures by Conservative Illustrator Steenwyck
Political caricatures by conservative illustrator Steenwyck

Top 10 Conservative Magazines
We've researched over 100 online (and offline) publications to find the 10 most insightful and informative conservative perspectives anywhere. While a few of these sites are familiar to conservatives, others boast some of the freshest minds in the conservative movement. Either way, all of them are well worth a look.

Best iPhone Applications for Conservatives
THe iPhone is a treasure trove of information, but the "App Store" through iTunes can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of applications, and it's tough to know which ones are worth owning and which ones aren't worth a second look. After much trial and error (and lots of wasted money), here are the 10 best apps for conservatives. All prices listed are subject to change without notice.

Gifts for Conservatives
Looking for gift ideas for the conservative in your life? Look no further. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, retirement or graduation, this list offers a little something for every type of conservative.

Top 10 Conservative Novels
By its very nature, the liberal community is a largely liberal entity. At the same time, however, artistic works are open to interpretation and can provide insights into ideas that go well beyond what the artist intended. The "intentional fallacy" holds that since no one can say for sure what the author's true motivation was for writing a given story (not even the author), critics are free to int…

Top 10 Conservative Web Sites
Finally there is a comprehensive list of links to which conservatives can refer when making an argument, posing a response or just boning up on the variety of perspectives within the conservative movement. While it is no means a complete list, it will give anyone wishing to learn more about the movement a place to call home. Feel free to bookmark this page, and use it as a starting point for when

Top 10 Conservative Advocacy Groups
The advocacy groups listed here offer a variety of ways for average Americans to get involved in the political process and accept direct donations from like-minded citizens.

Top Conservative Non-fiction
Are you looking for books that will help you understand the genesis of the modern-day conservative movement before it became popular? How about a book about how the conservative movement rose to power? These books will help!

Compassionate Conservatives & Human Rights
Despite the troubles Americans are dealing with thanks to the ever-softening economy, private donations to international human rights organizations are higher than ever. Each year, compassionate Americans improve the world through service, education or donations. Find out what you can do.

Conservative Web Sites -- What Are Your Favorite Conservative…
What are your favorite conservative web sites?

The Case for a Global Civil Society
In this interview, author and advocate Don Eberly discusses his new book and how it explores the impact of private-sector giving on developing and rebuilding nations in an interconnected world.

Conservative Magazines -- What Are Your Favorite Conservative…
What are your favorite conservative magazines?

Florida: Resources for Floridian Conservatives
Conservative resource guide for Florida

Texas Conservative Resource Guide
A guide to conservative politics in the state of Texas.

State-by-State Guide to Conservative Politics (N-W)
Conservative Directory (N-W) with state by state information to help new and seasoned conservatives learn about politics in their state or find ways to get involved.

State-by-State Guide to Conservative Politics (A-M)
A state by state conservative directory to learn about politics in their state or find ways to get involved.

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