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Foreign Policy

Check out the debates over U.S. involvement in the United Nations, U.S. relationships with the "Axis of Evil," as well as historic foreign policy topics such as the rise of communism and socialism and U.S. involvment in the Vietnamese and Korean wars and World War II. Aso look at our articles on current activities in the Middle East as well as homeland security and the struggle to balance diplomacy with national defense.

Obama's Syrian Crisis Exposes Foreign Policy Weaknesses
A look into President Obama's poor handling of the Syrian crisis

Conservatives Dividing on Military Intervention
The new divide in conservatism: hawks for anti-interventionists.

What Conservatives Are Saying about Syria
Looking at conservative views on Syrian Intervention

What Conservatives Think About Obama's Immigration Plan
To receive support from conservatives, any proposal put forward by an Obama administration would need to ensure that tough border security and work-site enforcement standards are met and that illegal immigrants eligible for citizenship leave the country and return legally.

A Friend In Need ...
Was General Pereshev Musharaaf's actions on Nov. 3, 2007 a liberal nightmare come true? Or will history view his decision to lock down his country in the face of impending chaos as a wise choice?

Benghazi Terrorist Attack: Questions Remain
The Benghazi terrorist attack and why the YouTube video became central in the debate.

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