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Economy & Taxes

Take a look at the conservative political notions of free enterprise and small government as they were originally promoted by the "Goldwater Conservatives," and follow current news items impacting state and federal budgets, such as immigration reform, health care and the minimum wage.
  1. Corporate Bailouts of 2008 (6)
  2. Health Care Reform 2009-10 (4)

10 Reasons Raising the Minimum Wage Can Hurt the Economy
Ten reasons why artificially raising wages can have a negative impact on the economy, fails to address poverty, and can hurt those the laws are intended to help more than not.

If the Government Obamacarized the iPhone
If the government socialized the iphone the way they did with Obamacare.

8 Highlights of the 2013 Government Shutdown (So Far)
Highlights from week one of the 2013 government shutdown.

8 Highlights of the 2013 Government Shutdown (So Far) Part 2
Reviewing the effects of the 2013 government shutdown and President Obama's attempts to make the shutdown "painful."

Understanding the Causes of a Government Shutdown
What is a Government Shutdown?

8 Troubling Economic Numbers
The daunting numbers behind the 2013 economy.

Liberty and Conservatism
A look at the economic liberty view of conservatism

President Obama Passes Blame on Sequestration
A look at the sequester situation and Obama's role in the debate

Why Conservatives Oppose Raising the Minimum Wage
Why conservatives usually oppose minimum wage increases and the unintended consequences an increase can have.

National Sales Tax: A Conservative Alternative to the Income Tax
A look at a national sales tax, a conservative alternative to the income tax.

5 Continuing Economic Problems to Watch in 2013
Looking at the economic issues heading into Obama's second term and whether or not the president is willing to work with conservatives to tackle these problems.

How Conservatives Would Cut Spending
How conservative would cut government spending and reduce the size of the federal government if given the chance.

How Higher Taxes for "The Rich" Ultimately Hurt The Poor
A look at who actually pays taxes when they are raised on "the rich."

The Business Successes of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
Reviewing some of the top business ventures Romney took part in when he ran Bain Capital in the 1980s and 1990s.

A List of Barack Obama's First Term Tax Increases
Here is a list of a number of taxes that President Obama has raised, including hose that directly impact the middle class.

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare
The US Supreme Court has ruled on President Obama's Health Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Understand the impact of this decision on conservatism and what the ruling means for conservatives.

The Conservative Challenge to Obamacare
A look at the conservative challenge to Obamacare.

The Case for Defunding Public Broadcasting
Why public funding for public broadcasting networks should be on the chopping block to help fix the US debt crisis.

A 2009 Stimulus Package Report Card
Eight months after President Barack Obama notched his first major initiative as president, we take a look at the five key problems the stimulus package was supposed to fix and grade them accordingly.

How Conservatives Would Generate Job Growth
How conservatives would generate job growth.

What suggestions can you offer fellow conservatives as they work thei…
It's one thing to disagree with the way Democrats have handled the 2009 economic crisis, it's quite another thing to try and survive it. If you've been affected by the recession, what suggestions can you give fellow conservatives about how to work through it?

A Closer Look at the Obama - Pelosi - Reid Budget Proposal of 2009
An analysis of the 2009 budget proposed by President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid.

Employee Free Choice Act
While the Employee Free Choice Act claims to make it easier for employees to unionize, it can actually create working conditions that neither the employee nor the employer can live with.

President Barack Obama's 2009 Stimulus Package and its Economic Fallout
A look at how the huge spending package known as the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" came to pass, and what it ultimately meant for the country.

Bailouts Without Brainwork
A look at the succession of multi-billion dollar bailouts that have been or are proposed to be extended to US industries or companies since the fall of 2008.

Down & Out in the US Economy
The economy took center stage in 2008, as the symptoms of its collapse continued to run amok: the costly war in Iraq racked up debt, the sub-prime mortgage crisis had homeowners resorting to insurance fraud by way of arson and fuel prices hit $4 in parts of California and Hawaii.

Out of One, Many?
The ultimate impact of immigration on America may not be what many people expect.

What's Sick About "Sicko"
There is much to like in Michael Moore's film, "Sicko," but there is also much to question. If one part of the movie is misleading, is all of it?

Job Growth -- What Policies Would You Implement to Generate J…
What policies would you implement to generate job growth?

Why Do Conservatives Support the Bush Tax Cuts?
Why do conservatives support the Bush Tax Cuts?

Capitalism - A Definition of Capitalism
An economic understanding of capitalism

Is Funding For Big Bird Necessary?
Why it's time to let PBS become fully self-sufficient, and why it's easier than most think.

The GOP in a Lose-lose Situation on the "Fiscal Cliff"
How the GOP has put themselves in a no-win situation in dealing with the fiscal cliff

How the Unemployment Rate is Calculated and What it Tells Us About Jobs
How is the unemployment rate calculated and examples of what the rate tell us about the economy, labor force participation, and economic health.

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