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War On Terror

Here's a look into the War On Terror from a conservative perspective, as well as a glimpse at the lasting effects of 9/11 on homeland security, the War on Terror and the War in Iraq.
  1. Guantanamo Bay

U.S. Terrorism Tracker
Since 9/11, there have been 31 foiled terror attacks on United States soil. Trouble is, of those 31, nearly a third of them have occurred since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009. The president's desire to recast the War on Terror as an "overseas contingency operation," has been effectual only in that it moved the theater of the operation to America's heartland. As a result, Ameri…

Tracking Obama's CIA Interrogation Probe
Tracking President Barack Obama's CIA Interrogation Probe

Transcript of Former Vice President Dick Cheney's Speech on Interrogation
A transcript of former Vice President Dick Cheney's historic speech at the American Enterprise Institute on May 21, 2009 in response to President Barack Obama's indictment of the previous administration's handling of interrogations at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Conservatives & the War on Terror
The War on Terror began with the attack on 9/11, and conservatives remain largely divided about what the battle parameters should be. Most believe the War on Terror must be won at all costs.

Yet Another Liberal-Induced Scandal
In 2007, the CIA came under fire from liberals and Democrats for the alleged destruction of tapes depicting the alleged waterboarding torture of two al Queda suspects in 2002, less than a year after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Pullout? What Pullout?
Sometimes conservatives must get their news by looking at what the media IS NOT covering. In 2007, Gen. Patreus ordered a pullout of some 5,000 troops, but this story went widely unreported by the liberal TV media. Why?

Terrorist Threat Levels, Disaster Plans and Survival Kits
Find out what the threat colors mean and what it means to you and your family when the President changes the threat level colors.

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