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Church & State

A look at the faith-based agenda of the social conservative political movement as it has evolved in the last 30 years, from religion in schools to homosexuality in the military to government funding for faith-based and community initiatives.

Will the Liberal Sports Media Ruin Football?
The liberal sports media is determined to ruin the football season for fans with their liberal agenda

Should the Government Get Out of Marriage?
A look at the traditional and gay marriage in the United States and a conservative case for getting the government out of marriage altogether.

The Future of Conservatism and Gay Marriage
The Conservative movement, and the issue of Marriage in the future

Conservative Perspectives on the First Amendment
Conservative perspectives on the First Amendment.

Political Conservatives & Religion in Politics
A look at the role religion plays in shaping the conservative ideology in politics.

The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
With his Armies of Compassion poised and ready to assist citizens in need, President George W. Bush launched the White House's controversial Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Here are the latest efforts to provide service organizations the funding they need to help others -- regardless of their religious or secular affiliations.

"Beyond Gay Marriage" -- The Weekly Standard
Stanley Kurtz, who writes for The Weekly Standard, takes a look at the issue of gay marriage and its potential future in this 2003 issue.

School Prayer: A Community at War
This website provides an intriguing look at how "religous freedom" can have two different definitions when it comes to prayer in schools.

Conservatism and Gay Marriage in 2014 and Beyond
Traditional marriage can be saved, but conservatives need to up the ante and move beyond old arguments and offer real solutions.

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