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The Conservative's Guide to the 2012 Elections

Everything You Need to Know in One Place


Find quick links to all of the 2012 election happenings including the presidential election and top Senate races. You will find biographies of the key figures in 2012 and a variety of information relating to the 2012 contests.

2012 Presidential Election Information

Mitt Romney: Romney is the Republican nominee for president. He is a businessman and the former governor of Massachusetts. He is also credited with saving the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from financial ruin.

Paul Ryan: Ryan is a conservative congressman from Florida who has acted as the leading voices on budget matters in the House of Representatives. He is the Republican nominee for vice-president.

Ann Romney: Ann is the wife of Mitt Romney and considered Mitt's "secret weapon" in the 2012 presidential election.

Why Conservatives Should Support Romney: "If he means what he says, and continues the path towards conservatism he has been on, he may wind up being the nominee conservatives never knew they wanted."

Romney's Economic and Spending Platform: "Overall, Romney's economic proposals would be welcomed by conservatives across the board. The policies offer a major contrast to the big government, anti-business, Big Labor policies that have dominated the Obama agenda. While some conservatives may view portions of the Romney plan as not being forceful enough, it certainly is a realistic start of what could be accomplished in the first four years of any administration."

How 2010 Helps Romney in 2012: "The tea party had significant gains in almost every state that matters this year, and those victories give Romney and Ryan valuable people to campaign with as they hop from state to state. Just as importantly, it reduces the star-power in each state that the Obama campaign has to campaign with. (And in many of these swing states, the Democrats who do hold office are trying to distance themselves from the administration anyway.)"

More Swing States in Play with Mitt Romney:Mitt Romney is looking at a much more favorable electoral landscape in 2012 than McCain had in 2008. He has turned many Obama states competitive and he has the money to win them.

Are Democrats Really Excited Ryan is the GOP VP Nominee?: There are 5 reasons democrats are probably not sincere when saying they are glad Ryan is Mitt Romney's running-mate. Among those reasons: 1) He is not a radical; 2) He is a fact machine; 3) He's serious. Really, really serious.

2012 Senate Election Information

How Conservatives Can Win the US Senate in 2012: The Republican Party's goal of winning the US Senate in 2012 is very attainable. The party really needs only to break even on the competitive seats to make it happen.

Republican Senate Seats up for Re-election in 2012: "The Republicans are fortunate to only have to defend only 10 of the 33 seats up for election in 2012. If Republicans win the 8 senate states they are favored in, they will be sitting at 45 before counting the Brown seat in Massachusetts and the 23 seats that the Democrats must defend, with at least 11 Democratic-held seats being highly competitive."

Democratic Senate Seats up for Re-election in 2012: "The GOP should be strong - and in a handful of cases strongly favored to win - in currently Democratic-held seats in Nebraska, Missouri, North Dakota, and Montana with break-even shots in Florida, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia."

A Look at the 2012 Battleground States: An overview of the top swing states around the country, contrasting the current presidential and senatorial elections with past election results and state demographics

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