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The articles selected for this section deal not only with the many-faceted issue of abortion, but also other topics surrounding the issue that are important to conservatives, such as abstinence, pre-marital sex, adoption, family planning and family planning. Within the abortion topic the following articles include stories about late-term abortions and abortions due to rape, incest or unplanned pregnancies. This section also deals with issues of the family such as parenting, gay marriage and the conservative definition of marriage as one man and one woman.

Key Arguments in the Abortion Debate from a Conservative Perspective
Key topics that arise during the ongoing abortion debate, with a highlight on restrictions sought by pro-life proponents.

Why Conservatives Need to Get Aggressive on Abortion
A New and Agressive Pro-Life Push

Myths About the Pro-Life Movement
A look at myths spread about the pro-life movement by abortion activists

Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act
The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act is virtually assured to pass either in 2009 or 2010, thanks to a Democratically controlled government.

The Right to Life & Classical Conservatism
What do conservatives think about abortion? It may seem like a silly question, considering the pro-life and conservative movements are almost universally linked. Upon closer inspection, however, the politics of abortion among conservatives is more dicey than many non-conservatives would believe.

The Politics of Abortion Among Conservatives
The issue of abortion causes a multitude of political problems for conservatives. The issue's many shades of gray have been breaking the conservative movement's political candidates for years. What is it about this issue that has caused so much dissention among conservatives? We'll attempt to answer this question and others as we get a closer look at conservatives and the issue of abortion.

"Reuters on the Abortion Debate" -- by Tim Graham of NewsBusters.org
This is great commentary on a story Reuters.com ran in January 2006. Although the original story is no longer available, Graham exposes piece by piece the liberal bias of news organizations and shows how the media tends to confuse all conservatives with social conservatives.

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