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Republican Edging Democrat in Massachusetts Special Election

By January 13, 2010

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Certain polls show Republican Scott Brown, left, leading Democrat Martha Coakley in the race for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by Edward Kennedy, who died in 2009

Two points.

According to a recent poll, that's all that separates Republican Scott Brown from his Democratic rival in the race for the vacant Senate seat formerly held by arch-liberal Edward Kennedy. Another recent poll puts Brown ahead by a point. Which is huge, considering Massachusetts leans so far to the left it's virtually horizontal.

Politics, just like football, is all about momentum, and at the moment, Brown's got it. Coakley, on the other hand, is being forced to punt.

Brown, a Lt. Col. in the Massachusetts National Guard, hasn't compromised his conservative principles one iota during the campaign, maintaining his commitment to small government, free-market ideals and pledging to vote against President Obama's bloated health care "reform" package if he is fortunate enough to be elected. Democrat Martha Coakley, a retired US Attorney who has run a barrage of misinformed attack ads in the Boston area in recent days, maintains she will vote for the health care package if elected, even though it is becoming increasingly unpopular among the state's middle-aged resisdents.

While Coakley appears helpless to stop the negative press that continues to dog her campaign, Brown's campaign seems to be peaking at just the right time.

Coakley hasn't been helped by reports Massachusetts and Capitol Hill Democrats are planning to stall Brown's swearing-in process, should he win on Tuesday. Worse, YouTube video of Weekly Standard reporter and blogger, John McCormack, being knocked down and bullied by one of Coakley's goons less than a week before Election Day has gotten thousands of views in the 12 hours since it was posted, and thousands more will undoubtedly see it before the day is through.

Brown, meanwhile, continues to stay on message and was most recently endorsed by former Boston College standout and New England Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie, who is one of Massachusetts' favorite sons.

If Brown manages to claim victory in Massachusetts, the current panic among Democrats will morph into outright chaos. My bet is they'll abandon their health care reform plan en masse and begin throwing each other to the wolves to stay alive politically. In the end, retiring Sens. Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan may wind up looking like the smart ones ... an idea that was unimaginable just one week ago.

The unthinkable has suddenly become the thinkable in Massachusetts. That means Democrats had better run for their lives ... or at least their livelihoods.

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January 13, 2010 at 1:50 pm
(1) clay barham says:

American children are taught that the speedy “wabbit” wastes time and energy accomplishing little, while the plodding turtle gets the job done, ultimately. I get the sense this means the plodding bureaucracy, the community, proves superior in the end when compared with the individual interest pursued by the “wabbit.” To the kids, Obama and the plodding turtle are related, while the self-interest pursuing creative types are muddying the pure waters of society and its needs. The “wabbit” makes waves, leaves a wake, drops pebbles in the placid pond, and supposedly never gets anything done. The “wabbit” is an Ayn Rand character, like the entrepreneurs in America who create all the jobs the turtle ignores as he slowly plods along doing the same thing the elite rulers have always done in the Old World, making war on “wabbits.” Claysamerica.com

January 14, 2010 at 1:46 pm
(2) dll argh says:

What will you write when Brown loses? Will you admit you were wrong?

January 18, 2010 at 3:01 pm
(3) DaveInCO says:

dll argh -

Wrong about what? Justin is merely commenting on what the polling is showing. Are you expecting him to answer for it if the polling proves ultimately to be inaccurate. Do you agree with the polling? If not, will you admit that YOU were wrong if Brown wins? I doubt it.

January 21, 2010 at 11:19 pm
(4) DOCCON says:

@dll argh
Well? Are you going to admit you were wrong?

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