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Readers Respond: What Are Your Gift Ideas for Conservatives?

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From the article: Gifts for Conservatives
Are there any gift ideas for conservatives that we may have missed? If so, what are they? What are your favorite gift ideas for conservatives?

Obama Gaffe-A-Day Calendar

“FROM BAILOUTS TO BEER SUMMITS” is a daily desktop calendar that chronicles hundreds of Obama milestones, from his promise to spread Joe the Plumber’s wealth around, to his gift to the Queen of England of an iPod pre-loaded with his own speeches . . . from his signature diplomatic achievement (the Beer Summit) to his dismissal of small-town Americans as bitter gun-toters and religion-clingers. It’s the must-have political calendar for 2012! (And it’s also available in Kindle format.) For more information, go to www.TheObamaCalendar.com.
—Guest Mike Dunnigan

Elegant Gift For Conservatives

When I think of conservatives, we're often talking elegant entertaining at soirees. So I suggest Swarovski Crystal Stemware Rings. Very chi-chi. They identify each wine glass (or other stemware) by the color of the rings, and also have a beautiful filigree bead, which can be brass, sterling, or gold-filled. See them at: www.kasarodesigns.com Scroll down the home page to see the stemware link

Gifts for Conservatives

A supreme court who follows the constitution as it was written, not how society would like it today. (Great gift...hard to wrap) A judge who will force Congress to vett our current President...it was good enough for McCain, it should be good enough for a man who by his own admissions is not eligible to "ruin" our country! (This gift is a pipe dream) And finally the greatest gift you can get conservatives this year...An Honest Media! I don't know Santa, got any real goodies in that bag of yours?
—Guest Bob Steward

More conservative Christmas gift ideas

Great ideas, esp. those campaign buttons. I have a whole site about conservative Christmas presents: http://www.squidoo.com/christmas-presents-for-conservatives

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