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Readers Respond: Who Would You Pick?

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2016 is closer than you think. What candidate would you support for the 2016 Republican nomination? Tell us who and tell us why. Share Your Choice

Go with Ben Carson

America needs a conservative President that delivers the social appeal and communication skills of President Obama, but the fiscal conservative force to achieve responsible stewardship for the nation.
—Guest Terry Newmyer

Jindal has some potential

First of all, we do not need any more lawyers in Washington. Our legislative branch is awash with them. They know how to argue. They don't know how anything works. They don't know how to build anything. They just argue. An individual with a background in medicine will know what's broken in our medical system than a lawyer. An individual who has aptitudes for as many fields ad Governor Jindal can construct solutions to problems instead of listening to a panel of lobbyists.


Sarah Palin, by a longshot. Right now she's the sleeping giant. But no one will be able to move the masses as she will.
—Guest Noel Knight

President in 2016

Dr. Benjamin Carson for President with either Rand Paul, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Suzanna Martinez or Marco Rubio for Vice President

self employed

Marco Rubio for pres with Susanna Martinez for V.P.
—Guest cathy williams


Marco rubio is the best choice to lead America after 8 years of failed Obama policies
—Guest matthew


Only one choice here. The PATRIOT who honors our freedoms and protects our Constitution. Intelligence, wisdom and kindness. RAND PAUL See Citizens for LIberty [C4L] and you will see why we need him.
—Guest Rand Paul 4 sure!

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Who Would You Pick?

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