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Conservative Politics: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Why Marco Rubio Has The Best Shot At Being The...
10 Reasons why Marco Rubio has the best shot at the GOP presidential nomination in 2016.
What is the GOP Establishment?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >What does it mean
What You Didn't Know about US Gun Death...
A look at some of the statistics regularly used in gun arguments, and how they are skewed to alter the debate.
What Does Socialism Really Mean?
A definition of socialism, and a look at the reasons for opposing similar policies.
Marco Rubio Maintains Lead in Long-Term Power...
Updated 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Rankings
Top 2016 Republicans: Why and Why Not
The pros and cons of the conservatives and Republicans potentially running for president in 2016
What You Need to Know About Carly Fiorina
Everything you need to know about Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, a former businesswoman who has never held political office.
Rubio/Martinez 2016 and Other Intriguing Ticket...
A look at five potential Republican President and Vice-President tickets in 2016. What combinations will conservatives go for?
Does Ted Cruz Qualify as a Natural Born Citizen?
A look into the eligibility of Ted Cruz's eligibility to be President of the United States in 2016.
What Are the 10 Best Conservative Magazines?
Looking for the best conservative writers on the Internet? Check out these sites to read a variety of conservative perspectives from the best minds in the movement.
Evertyhing You Need to Know about 2016 Candiate...
Articles, links, and information about 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio
What is Really the Difference Between Marco...
Ted Cruz and Marco are presidential contenders who have a lot in common. What are some differences between the two candidates?
Violence, Guns, and The Culture
A look at gun violence in America, how to change the culture, and a defense of the 2nd amendment.
Four Reasons Trump Could be the Republican...
Four reasons Donald Trump could surprise the naysayers and with the GOP nomination for President in 2016.
An Early Look at the 2016 GOP Primary Schedule
An early look at the 2016 Republican Primary and Caucus Calendar and schedule.
Hillary Can't Handle the Truth (That She Isn't...
Hillary Clinton has some major trust issues with the American public. She doesn't know why, so maybe this list will help her out.
Does the GOP Need Reminding that They are the...
The tea party has little to lose, while the GOP needs the tea party and acts like they do not.
Carly Fiorina Wants a Shot at the Presidential...
Carly Fiorina is set to enter the 2016 race for the Republican presidential nomination. Who is she and what chance does she have?
10 Conservative Websites Worth Trying
If you're looking for a variety of conservative positions from a variety of perspectives, these links will take you to them.
Who is Marco Rubio? A Profile
A profile of rising conservative star Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, and Presidential nominee.
New Hampshire Has Picked Last Two GOP...
The 2016 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary is the first primary in the nation. What can we expect from the early state?
8 Possible Conservative Presidential Candidates...
A look at possible 2016 candidates for the Presidential race
Q&A: Gun Rights, Gun Control, and...
Questions and answers about gun control from a conservative perspective.
Best States for Conservatives
A look at the 5 most conservative states in the US.
Why Conservatives Should Take a Second Look at...
Marco Rubio is gearing up to run for President of the United States. Here are 13 reasons why conservatives should really consider him.
An Overview of Political Conservatism
Basic conservative beliefs on current trends and enduring issues, the people most important to the modern conservative movement, and a round-up of conservative principles, beliefs and ideologies.
No, Trump Will Probably Not Be The GOP Nominee...
Donald Trump continues to lead the 2016 GOP Race for the nomination, but he probably still won't win it. Here are 10 reasons why.
The Case for Ted Cruz for Preident
The case for Ted Cruz for President and whether he has what it takes to win the White House.
Ted Cruz: Everything You Need to Know About the...
Information and links about 2016 GOP candidate Ted Cruz, including his public fights over Obamacare and the government shutdown.
What to Watch From the First Debate
The first debate and forum is a week ahead. Here is what to watch from each candidate.
Federalism: Case for Reinvigorating State's...
Why conservatives believe that stronger state governments are preferable to a stronger federal government.
10 Conservative Advocacy Groups You Should Know
Public advocacy is perhaps the best way to impact government. The lobbyist organizations listed here offer a variety of ways for average Americans to get involved in the political process and accept direct donations from like-minded citizens.
Ben Carson: Need to Know
Everything you need to know about the world famous neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican Candidate for President Ben Carson.
What Is Republicanism?
A Definition of Republicanism. US Conservative Politics.
What Kind of Conservative Are You?
A description of 7 types of conservative ideologies breaks the movement down to its roots and suggests reading on the various types of conservative thought.
How Did the Tea Party Start?
A definition of the tea party political movement that started in reaction to government largesse.
Jeb Bush: Profile of his Early Political Career
A profile of Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Marco Rubio and the Hispanic Vote in the 2016...
Could Marco Rubio turn Hispanic voters into Republican voters as he prepares to run for President in 2016?
Amnesty - What Is Amnesty?
A definition of amnesty and what it means in regard to illegal immigration.
New Hampshire: The Final Countdown
A final preview of the 2016 Republican Primary in New Hampshire.
Dates for the 2016 Republican Primary Debates...
The 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Debate schedule will kick off two months later than it did in 2016 and feature fewer debates overall.
10 Reasons Raising the Minimum Wage Can Hurt...
Ten reasons why artificially raising wages can have a negative impact on the economy, fails to address poverty, and can hurt those the laws are intended to help more than not.
Potential Establishment Candidates for the 2016...
A look at possible establishment and moderate candidates for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination.
Email-gate: Convenience as an excuse is only a...
Hillary Clinton has created a bit of a scandal of her own making. After dropping an official e-mail account, questions of a private server she used have emerged.
The Case for Rand Paul for President in 2016
A look at Rand Paul's presidential prospects for 2016.
2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Tracker
Tracker for the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates. Who has announced they will or will not run?
Mitt Romney in 2016? Could be (Much) Worse
Mitt Romney says he probably won't run for President again in 2016, but would it be so bad if he did?
Summer Presidential Power Rankings: Everyone is...
A pre-debate ranking of the top 10 Republicans running for president. Who made the list?
The Polls Aren't Just Mediocre For Jeb, They...
Jeb Bush is running for President, but the early polls show that he is not the front-runner. Not by a long shot.
Preview of the 2016 Iowa Republican Presidentia...
The 2016 Iowa Republican Presidential caucuses are right around the corner. Who is in and who is out?
Red State, Blue State: The Worst States for...
A look at some of the most liberal states in the country, states that conservatives may want to avoid.
Republicans Have 24 US Senate Seats to Defend...
Republicans will have to defend 24 of the 34 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2016. How do the candidates stack up?
Social Conservatism
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Conservative Views on Immigration Reform
An analysis of the debate over immigration reform that rages among conservatives, looking at the various types of solutions, as well as why the subject is the cause for so much division among those on the right. Page 2.
Jeb Bush Currently Winning the Key Early States...
A state-to-state look at how the potential 2016 candidates stack up against each other in key battlegrounds.
5 Reason Hillary Clinton Will Run for...
Hillary Clinton will likely run for President in 2016. She should lose if voters care about more than gender, and her is why.
What Is Judicial Restraint?
A definition of the legal term. Conservative Politics.
How Your Candidate wins the GOP Nomination for...
We don't know who will win the GOP nomination for President, but we do know how they will win it.
Why Conservatives Oppose Raising the Minimum Wage
A look at why conservatives usually oppose minimum wage increases and the unintended consequences an increase can have.
Everything You Need to Know About Jeb Bush
The portal for all things Jeb Bush. What is his involvement with Common Core? What does he believe about immigration?
Trump Still Not Acting Like a Serious Candidate
Donald Trump is living in a political bubble, propped up by self-interested conservative media. When the bubble bursts, does Trump have a real shot?
What Do Cultural Conservatives Believe?
An overview of cultural conservatism and the beliefs associated with it.
Chris Christie 2016 Presidential Profile
Everything you need to know about 2016 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey.
For Ted Cruz, A Missed Opportunity
The conservatives helping Donald Trump's Campaign had perhaps signaled they were ready to pivot to Ted Cruz. But he backed down instead.
How Many Senate Seats Do Republicans Have to...
Preview of the 2016 US Senate Seats up for re-election where the Republicans will have a lot of defending to do to keep their positions in the Senate.
The Case for Jeb Bush for President
Making the case for jeb bush for President in 2016
Top 10 Conservative Columnists and Writers
A Look at the Top 10 Conservative Columnists and Writers
Spoilers and Kingmakers Loom Large in Diverse...
There are eight candidates that would be hard-pressed to win the GOP nomination in 2016 but who could have a major impact on the race for other reasons.
Possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates
A conservative take on the frontrunners for the 2016 democratic nomination for President.
Meet the 6 Women Representing Republicans in...
A list of the 6 Republican women who will represent conservatives in the US Senate during the 114th congress.
Final Look at the 2016 GOP Iowa Caucuses
A final look at the 2012 Iowa caucuses, and the three candidates with a shot at winning them.
Conservative Views on Health Care Reform
An overview of conservative perspectives on health care reform.
Who Are Some Hollywood Celebrities?
A look at the Hollywood conservatives who are fighting back against the oppressive liberalism in Tinseltown.
Contenders and Spoilers: Who Has a Path to the...
Which Republican candidates have a strong path to the presidential nomination and who may be playing spoiler?
All About the Independent American Party
What is the American Independent Party, what do they stand for, and who is their leader?
Conservative Perspectives on the Second...
Conservative perspectives on the second amendment and gun control
Gaining Perspective on the Gang of Eight Bill...
Marco Rubio's involvement in the Gang of Eight immigration deal has cause him some headaches, but he should be given a break. Here's why.
A History of the Tea Party Movement
The origins of the tea party are often misrepresented as being a movement designed to oppose Barack Obama. In reality, the movement opposes Republicans frequently and vigorously.
Rand Paul: A Brief Biography
A biography of US Senator Ran Paul, US Senator from Kentucky and 2016 Presidential candidate.
Donald Trump: Serious Person and Devoted...
Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination. Is he a conservative?
Ben Carson Surges Past Hillary on Book Charts,...
Ben Carson is the most serious candidate for President you probably never heard of. And he's topping Hillary along the way.
Best iPhone Applications for Conservatives
A review of the best iPhone applications (or apps) for political conservatives.
Ted Cruz Set To Announce 2016 Intention: Why...
Ted Cruz is said to be announcing his intention to seek the Presidential Nomination in 2016. Three reasons we see that as a mistake.
What's a Blue Dog Democrat?
A group of conservative Democrats in Congress who sometimes stand up to the more liberal members of the Democratic Caucus.
The Top Conservatives to Follow on Twitter
Who are the top 20 conservatives to follow on Twitter?
School Choice Can Save the American Education...
Conservatives support school choice and giving power to parents in deciding the best education route for their children. Here are the reasons why
A look at the Republican women who are...
A listing of current female Republican governors in the United States.
Is Conservatism Rooted in Religion?
A look at the role religion plays in shaping the conservative ideology in politics.
GOP Incumbents Win, But Score Historically Low...
The GOP establishment toppled conservatives in almost every race across the country in 2014.
Romney Won't Be President in 2016, But He May...
Mitt Romney won't be running for President in 2016, but he may be a major influence in who gets the nomination.
Marco Rubio is No Barack Obama
Marco Rubio is no Barack Obama, despite uncharitable comparisons that the two men have similar rises.
A List of the 5 Most Conervative Supreme Court...
A list of the 5 most important conservative Supreme Court Justices.
2014 US Senate Election in South Dakota
2014 US Senate election in South Dakota featuring Governor Mike rounds and Democrat Rick Weiland
What 12 States Will Pick the Next President?
A listing of the swing states expected to be the major focus of the 2016 presidential election.
The Top 8 TV Shows for Conservatives
A look at some good shows for conservatives to sit back and watch, and not having to worry about being offended.
Fiscal Conservatism
A detailed description of what it means to be a
Conservative Perspectives on the Third...
Conservative perspectives on the Third Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Failed Choices E-Book Pushes Back Against...
A book review of Failed Choices, the counter-argument to Hillary Cinton's Hard Choices memoir covering her time as Secretary of State.
Ignore Dr. Ben Carson at Your Own Risk
Dr. Ben Carson may be the most ignored potential candidate for President in 2016. But that could be a mistake, and her are some figures as to why.
Top 10 Nonfiction Books for Conservatives
Are you looking for books that will help you understand the genesis of the modern-day conservative movement before it became popular? Are you looking for a book about the conservative movement's rise to power? These books will help!
A List of Barack Obama's First Term Tax Increases
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >In 2008, Barack
The Case for Ben Carson in 2016
The pros and cons of a potential Ben Carson candidacy for the GOP nomination for President.
Democrats have Few Senate Seats to Defend in...
A Look at the 2016 Democratic Senate seats up for re-election in 2016
What to Expect in the February Republican...
This is what to expect from the early contests of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada in the 2016 Republican Primary.
A Profile of Conservative Hollywood Actress...
A profile of former the two-time Emmy Award-winning Everybody Loves Raymond star and outspoken Hollywood conservative Patricia Heaton.
Paul Ryan Vice-Presidential Nominee Profile
Paul Ryan was selected to be Mitt Romney's vice=presidential running-mate in the 2012 election against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Explore why Ryan was chosen and what impact he may have on the race.
Rubio Leading the Foreign Policy Primary - Will...
Marco Rubio seems to be winning the hearts of many conservative hawks, while Jeb Bush has a bit of work to do, and is off to a slow start in the foreign policy primary.
Rubio and Fiorina Shine while Paul and Trump Dive
The first 2016 Presidential debate was all fireworks, all the time. Here are the winners and losers.
Do Governors Make Better Presidents? Some US...
Many people believe that governors make better presidents. But that theory has been little tested and Sens. Rubio, Paul, and Cruz want to test out that thinking.
South Carolina in 2016: Primary Preview
The 2016 Republican Primary in South Carolina could be the most important primary of all. Here is a rundown of what to expect.
Who Was Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater is widely believed to be the man who began the modern conservative movement. This is a brief overview of Mr. Conservative.
Will Immigration Reform Create 11 Million New...
A look at how immigration reform could impact national elections.
What is the House Tea Party Caucus?
All about the Tea Party Caucus in Congress -- who's on it, what it's designed to do and why it exists.
Republicans Need Another George W. Bush (But...
Republicans need to find their next George W. Bush - a candidate who can unite both the conservative and establishment wings of the Republican Party.
10 Reasons Obamacare is (and will continue to...
A look at 10 reasons that Obamacare is failing, and will continue to do so.
A Definition of the Capitalist System
A look at capitalism and defining what a capitalist system might look like.
2016 Rankings: Hillary's Very Serious 2016...
An early look at the 2016 race power rankings for President on the Democratic side and whether Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden can battle the Hillarys of the world.
5 Continuing Economic Problems to Watch in 2013
A look at the economic issues heading into Obama's second term and whether or not the president is willing to work with conservatives to tackle these problems.
Conservatives Aren't Racist, No Matter How Much...
The idea that conservatives are racists is born out of desperation from liberals and the media who sides with them.
Who are Neoconservatives?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" > Origins of the
Right-to-work: A Definition
A definition and overview of Right-to-Work policies.
Crunchy Conservatism
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Dealing with 11M Illegal Immigrants: What is...
With conservatives in strong agreement that the border must be controlled, the central question of the immigration debate is over what to do with those already here.
America First Party
The original America First Party was founded in 1944, but changed its name to the Christian Nationalist Crusade in 1947. In 2002, a new America First Party was formed by Pat Buchanan’s supporters, who expressed disgust over the way he was treated by the leadership of the declining Reform Party. While not overt, there are several references to faith and religion in the ideology of the America First Party.
A Definition of Conservatism
A definition of political conservatism in America today.
How Conservatives Think About Race in America
The way conservatives see race informs their world view, policy choices and programs. Their ideology on race relations is often reflected in the judicial opinions they reach and the legislative programs they support (or oppose).
Jeb Starts 2015 at the Top, While Rand Paul...
The first rankings of the 2016 presidential contest. Jeb Bush starts off on top, but Carson continues to build ground momentum.
What is a "Conservatarian" Anyway
What is a conservatarian and where do they differe from conservatives and libertarians?
A Biography of Supreme Court Justice Antonin...
A profile of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
Donald Trump: Need to Know
Donald Trump is running for President in 2016. Here is everything conservatives need to know about him.
Cruz 2016: Democrats Get Racial, Conservatives...
Ted Cruz is officially running for President. Here is how Democrats and Conservatives reacted to the news.
The 4 Women Who Could Be Part of a 2016...
Republicans have a diverse group of women who could end up as part of the 2016 presidential ticket.
What Is A Low-Information Voter?
Who are the low-information voters and what impact do they have in electoral politics?
A Biography of Glenn Beck
A biography of political commentator, radio personality and FOX News analyst Glenn Beck.
Best Conservative Blogs
A look at the best politically conservative American blogs on the Internet.
GOP Has a Deep Bench, But Expect Many...
Conservatives are excited about the potential depth in the 2016 race for President, but they should be prepare for the worst as many candidates will sit this one out.
Jefferson Republican Party
Although the JRP doesn’t have an official platform, it is descended from the original Democratic-Republican party founded by James Madison in 1792 and later joined by Thomas Jefferson. The party eventually was disbanded into two factions in 1824. In 2006, the JRP was founded (party members would say “revived”), and it uses statements made by Jefferson in 1799 as the foundation of its principles.
Torture is Wrong, Except When it Isn't
Why torture is often wrong, but not always. Should torture be allowed in some circumstances?
A Look Back at the Primary Pre-Season (And What...
A year-end review of the Republican Presidential race and what to expect as the new year kicks off.
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Conservative Alternatives to the GOP
What are some of the minor right-leaning parties in the United States besides the Republican Party?
A Profile of Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
A profile of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
A Conservative's Guide to Florida
A conservative's guide to Florida, including well-known public figures and state resources, including talk radio listings.
Scott Walker Linkapalooza: Recalls, Electabilit...
Scott Walker is announcing his bid for the presidency. Here is everything you need to know about him.
A Profile of Clarence Thomas
A profile of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Marco Rubio Has Equal Support from Tea Party...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >After Ted Cruz
A Definition of Astroturfing
A definition of astroturfing. US Conservative Politics.
Republicans Must Embrace the Power of Celebrity...
Republicans may hate the celebrifying political candidates, but the electoral realities may force us to embrace the change.
Ranking the 2014 Senate Republican Nominees
The Republican field has mostly been set, where do the candidates rank?

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