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Putting Gun Death Statistics in Perspective
A look at some of the statistics regularly used in gun arguments, and how they are skewed to alter the debate.
A Definition of Judicial Restraint
: Judicial restraint is a legal term that describes a type of judicial interpretation that emphasizes
What Are the 10 Best Conservative Magazines?
Looking for the best conservative writers on the Internet? Check out these sites to read a variety of conservative perspectives from the best minds in the movement.
Democratic Senate Seats Up For Re-Election in...
A look at the upcoming 2014 US Senate races and the seats that Democrats must defend.
10 Ways to Get Educated About Conservative...
If you're looking for a variety of conservative positions from a variety of perspectives, these links will take you to them.
5 Continuing Economic Problems to Watch in 2013
A look at the economic issues heading into Obama's second term and whether or not the president is willing to work with conservatives to tackle these problems.
What Does Socialism Really Mean?
A definition of socialism. US Conservative Politics.
Eight Possible Conservative Presidential...
A look at possible 2016 candidates for the Presidential race
A Definition of Republicanism
A Definition of Republicanism. US Conservative Politics.
Top 5 Conservative States in the US
A look at the 5 most conservative states in the US.
Top 10 Conservative Advocacy Groups
Public advocacy is perhaps the best way to impact government. The lobbyist organizations listed here offer a variety of ways for average Americans to get involved in the political process and accept direct donations from like-minded citizens.
A Definition of Tort Reform
A definition of tort reform. US Conservative Politics.
An Overview of Political Conservatism
Basic conservative beliefs on current trends and enduring issues, the people most important to the modern conservative movement, and a round-up of conservative principles, beliefs and ideologies.
Q&A: Gun Rights, Gun Control, and Frequently...
Questions and answers about gun control from a conservative perspective.
A Profile of Barry Goldwater
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A Definition of Strict Constructionism
: Strict construction is a legal term typically applied to a form of exacting judicial interpretation.
What Are the Different Types of Conservatives?
A description of 6 types of conservative ideologies breaks the movement down to its roots and suggests reading on the various types of conservative thought.
Conservative Hollywood Celebrities
A look at the Hollywood conservatives who are fighting back against the oppressive liberalism in Tinseltown.
The Top 8 TV Shows for Conservatives
A look at some good shows for conservatives to sit back and watch, and not having to worry about being offended.
The Case for Ben Carson for President
The Case for Ben Carson for President
Top 5 Conservative Supreme Court Justices
Perhaps the most important role of a conservative judiciary is securing the courts against judicial activism by liberal judges aiming to reinvent the Constitution. Conservative judges not only need to practice judicial restraint, they must also take steps to overturn unconstitutional decisions. Nowhere is this concept more important than on the US Supreme Court, where judicial interpretation sets the ultimate legal precedent.
A Definition of Tea Party
A definition of the tea party political movement.
2014 US Senate Poll Tracker
Polling data for the US 2014 Senate races and projections of control of the Senate based on those polls.
Top 10 Nonfiction Books for Conservatives
Are you looking for books that will help you understand the genesis of the modern-day conservative movement before it became popular? Are you looking for a book about the conservative movement's rise to power? These books will help!
Republican Senate Seats Up For Re-Election in...
A preview of Republican-held United States Senate seats up for re-election in 2014.
Best Conservative Movies of All Time
A look at the top conservative films of all time.
Conservative Perspectives on Health Care Reform
An overview of conservative perspectives on health care reform.
Why Conservatives Oppose Raising the Minimum Wage
A look at why conservatives usually oppose minimum wage increases and the unintended consequences an increase can have.
Federalism: Case for Reinvigorating State's...
Why conservatives believe that stronger state governments are preferable to a stronger federal government.
Top Issues in the 2014 Midterm Elections
What to look for during the 2014 midterm elections
Types of Conservatives -- What Type of...
What Type of Conservative are You? Take This Test and See! Learn More Crunchy Cons Cultural Cons Fiscal
The Top Conservatives to Follow on Twitter
Who are the top 20 conservatives to follow on Twitter?
Conservative Perspectives on Immigration Reform
An analysis of the debate over immigration reform that rages among conservatives, looking at the various types of solutions, as well as why the subject is the cause for so much division among those on the right. Page 2.
Top 10 Conservative Columnists
An eclectic list of the top conservative writers and columnists ranging from the serious to the sarcastic and covering American politics, economics, foreign policy, and current events.
A Definition of Amnesty
A definition of amnesty. US Conservative Politics.
2014 US Senate Race Ratings
Republicans have an early 49-47 seat lead for the US Senate in 2014 when factoring in likely and leaning races, with 4 toss-up seats left to possibly tip the scales one way or the other.
What Is the GOP Establishment? - A Definition
: The Republican establishment, or more commonly among conservatives just “the establishment,” refers
2014 Senate Race in Minnesota
Preview of the 2014 senate race in Minnesota featuring Al Franken and a handful of Republican challengers.
Best iPhone Applications for Conservatives
A review of the best iPhone applications (or apps) for political conservatives.
The Case for Jeb Bush for President in 2016
Making the case for jeb bush for President in 2016
A Profile of Conservative Hollywood Actress...
A profile of former the two-time Emmy Award-winning Everybody Loves Raymond star and outspoken Hollywood conservative Patricia Heaton.
The Most Liberal States to Live and Work in the...
A conservative look at the most liberal states in the US.
List of Female Conservative Governors in the...
A look at female Republican and conservative leaders across the country.
Are Conservatives Racists?
Racism is an accusation often lobbed at conservatives, but most of the formerly legitimate reasons for these accusations are no longer applicable. The ties binding the conservative movement to racial intolerance are relics of a foregone era.
How Higher Taxes for "The Rich" Ultimately Hurt...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Do the rich actually
Fiscal Conservatism
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" > Origins of the
Should Sarah Palin Run in 2016?
Making the case for why Sarah Palin should run for President in 2016.
Possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates
A conservative take on the frontrunners for the 2016 democratic nomination for President.
A Biography of Supreme Court Justice Antonin...
A profile of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
A Definition of Conservatism
A definition of political conservatism in America today.
A Definition of Astroturfing
A definition of astroturfing. US Conservative Politics.
A Profile of Supreme Court Chief Justice...
A profile of Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.
Social Conservatism
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2014 US Senate Race in Georgia
Preview of the US Senate race in Georgia for 2014 featuring Michelle Nunn and a whole slate of potential Republican and conservative candidates.
A Profile of Florida Governor Jeb Bush
A profile of Florida Governor Jeb Bush
A Profile of US Senator Marco Rubio
A profile of rising conservative star Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, and possible vice-presidential pick in 2012.
10 Reasons Obamacare is (and will continue to...
A look at 10 reasons that Obamacare is failing, and will continue to do so.
How Conservative Hollywood Became a Liberal Town
What made Hollywood, which was extremely conservative in the early days of American cinema into the liberal powerhouse that it is today.
Who are the Low Information Voters?
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2014 Senate Election in Louisiana: Preview
Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is one of the top targets for Republicans in the 2014 elections as they aim to win back control of the US Senate.
Capitalism - A Definition of Capitalism
A definition of capitalism and its many forms, from laissez-faire market economies to crony capitalism.
Why Some Conservatives Oppose Gay Marriage
Answers to why conservatives oppose gay marriage.
Conservative Perspectives on the Fourth...
Conservative perspectives on the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Preview of the 2014 Senate Election in North...
A handful of North Carolina Republicans are aiming to take on Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan for the US Senate seat. Thom Tillis and Greg Brannon lead the way.
Top Conservative Novels
A look at the 10 novels all conservatives should read.
2014 US Senate Election in Alaska Profile
Preview of the 2014 US Senate race in Alaska featuring Democratic incumbent Mark Begich and Republican challengers Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and Joe Miller.
Obama's Medical Marijuana Policy: A Victory for...
About.com guest writer William Weiss examines the Obama administration's new hands-off policy toward medical marijuana production, distribution and use.
The Truth About the Tea Party Origins
The origins of the tea party are often misrepresented as being a movement designed to oppose Barack Obama. In reality, the movement opposes Republicans frequently and vigorously.
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An Overview of John McCain's Campaign Platform
An overview of John McCain's platform on the economy, healthcare, national security, educational, Iraq, climate change, veterans, immigration, sanctity of life, second amendment, judicial change and ethics reform.
The Liberal Attack on Proprietary For-Profit...
A new phenomenon in American education has come under fire by the very people who want to make America one of the world's most educated societies.
The Case for Rand Paul for President in 2016
A look at Rand Paul's presidential prospects for 2016.
A Profile of Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
A profile of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
A Profile of Indiana Congressman Mike Pence
A closer look at Indiana Congressman and House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence.
Media Bias - A Definition
A Definition of media bias as it is commonly referenced in conservative politics.
Violence, Guns, and The Culture
A look at gun violence in America, how to change the culture, and a defense of the 2nd amendment.
The Conservative Case For School Choice
Conservatives support school choice and giving power to parents in deciding the best education route for their children. Here are the reasons why
National Sales Tax: A Conservative Alternative...
A look at a national sales tax, a possible alternative to the income tax.
What's a Blue Dog Democrat?
What's a Blue Dog Democrat? US Conservative Politics.
Jefferson Republican Party
Although the JRP doesn’t have an official platform, it is descended from the original Democratic-Republican party founded by James Madison in 1792 and later joined by Thomas Jefferson. The party eventually was disbanded into two factions in 1824. In 2006, the JRP was founded (party members would say “revived”), and it uses statements made by Jefferson in 1799 as the foundation of its principles.
Conservatives and Education Reform
Education in America has remained stagnant. Teachers unions put the needs of teachers in front of the needs of students, blocking important education reforms.
A Definition of G-20 or The Group of 20
A Definition of G-20 or the Group of 20.
How Conservative Hollywood Became Liberal
What made Hollywood, which was extremely conservative in the early days of American cinema into the liberal powerhouse that it is today. Page 2.
Top 5 Myths & Misconceptions About Conservatives
Many people are misinformed about what exactly it means to be a conservative. Some people believe that all conservatives are racist. Others believe they are religious nuts. Still others believe they are homophobes. The only way to dispel these myths is to dive right into them.
The Real Winners and Losers of Obamacare
A conservative look at the true winners and losers after the first month of the Obamacare rollout
A Profile of Supreme Court Chief Justice John...
A profile of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.
Independent American Party
Founded in 1998, the IAP is a Protestant Christian theocratic political party. It initially existed in several Western states and is a remnant of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace's once-powerful American Independent Party.
What are "Stand Your Ground" Laws?
A look into Stand Your Ground laws from a conservative perspective.
Preview of the 2014 Gubernatorial (Governor)...
A list of 2014 races for Governor. There will be 36 gubernatorial elections in 2014 featuring a number of key matchups.
The Abortion Debate In Conservative Politics
The issue of abortion has caused a multitude of political problems for conservatives over the years. The issue's many shades of gray have been making and breaking the conservative movement's political candidates for decades. What is it about this issue that has caused so much dissention within the conservative ranks? We'll attempt to answer this question and others as we get a closer look at conservatives and the issue of abortion.
A List of Barack Obama's First Term Tax Increases
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Political Conservatives & Religion in Politics
A look at the role religion plays in shaping the conservative ideology in politics.
Conservative Perspectives on the Third...
Conservative perspectives on the Third Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Deconstructing President Barack Obama's...
President Barack Obama's inaugural speech was glorified by the media, but conservatives heard it differently. Read what Obama said, then what conservatives heard him say.
Conservative Alternatives to the Republican Party
Not all conservatives are Republicans by definition, and even those who are may not want to be involved with an organization that has lost considerable credibility over the last eight years. While third parties have often been thought of as protest organizations, rather than practical solutions to undermining the contemporary two-party system, they continue to grow in membership.
Top 5 US Senate Races to Watch in 2014
A conservative look at the top 5 US Senate races to watch in 2014.
Self-Deportation: A Definition
A definition of the term self-deportation as it relates to illegal immigrations and US policy.
Conservative Perspectives on the Second...
Conservative perspectives on the second amendment and gun control
Profile of Chris Christie, 55th Governor of New...
A profile of Republican Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey
The Public Education System is a Failure
Why conservatives support school choice: my personal lessons from attending a magnet school.
How Conservatives Think About Race in America
The way conservatives see race informs their world view, policy choices and programs. Their ideology on race relations is often reflected in the judicial opinions they reach and the legislative programs they support (or oppose).
Obamacare vs. Romneycare
While both Obamacare and Romneycare may share similarities in content, the two bills are different in every other way. Find out why it matters in 2012
5 Reasons John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Need...
5 Reasons why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should be replaced as the Republican leaders in the US Senate and House of Representatives.
A Profile of Conservative Hollywood Actor Jon...
A profile of conservative Hollywood actor and Academy Award nominee Jon Voight.
2016 Republican Presidential Power Rankings
The first edition of our 2016 GOP Presidential Power Rankings
Fascism - A Definition of Fascism
A review of the definition of fascism and relating it to modern conservative thought.
Senate Republicans 2014 Roadmap to Victory
A look at how the Republican Party can win back the US Senate in 2014.
A Biography of Glenn Beck
A biography of political commentator, radio personality and FOX News analyst Glenn Beck.
The Business Successes of Mitt Romney and Bain...
Taking a look at some of the top business ventures Romney took part in when he ran Bain Capital in the 1980s and 1990s.
Potential Establishment Candidates for the 2016...
A look at possible establishment and moderate candidates for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination.
A Definition of Marriage
A conservative definition of marriage.
10 Quick Facts about T.W. Shannon, Oklahoma...
TW Shannon is the Speaker of the House in Oklahoma and candidate for the US Senate in 2014. He is attempting to be the first black American elected to the Senate from Oklahoma.
A Profile of Republican House Rep. Paul Ryan of...
A biography of Republican House Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.
Profile of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
A look at the life and record of Bobby Jindal, Republican Governor of Lousiana.
A Definition of Czar
: In contemporary American politics, a czar is any top-level presidential appointee who does not have
Best Conservative Blogs
A look at the best politically conservative American blogs on the Internet.
Florida: Resources for Floridian Conservatives
A general information resource guide for conservatives in Florida.
Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law
Separating fact from fiction and taking a look at the causes and realities of Arizona's new illegal immigration law.
Should the Government Get Out of Marriage?
A look at marriage in the United States and the conservative case for getting the government out of marriage altogether.
The Benefits of ANWR & the Case for Offshore...
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A Profile of Conservative Michelle Malkin
A closer look at conservative blogger and pundit Michelle Malkin.
2014 Breakdown: Kentucky Senate Election
The 2014 Kentucky Senate race is expected to be between Mitch McConnell and Alison Grimes, though Republican matt Bevin hopes to play primary spoiler.
Sarah Palin on 10 Major Issues
A closer look at vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's positions on 10 major issues.
A Biography of US Senator Rand Paul
A biography of US Senator Ran Paul
A Profile of Clarence Thomas
A profile of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
10 Reasons Raising the Minimum Wage Can Hurt...
Ten reasons why artificially raising wages can have a negative impact on the economy, fails to address poverty, and can hurt those the laws are intended to help more than not.
5 Obamacare Supporters Who are Shocked by...
Five Obamacare Supporters Who are Shocked over the high costs of Obamacare.
2014 US Senate Election in South Dakota
2014 US Senate election in South Dakota featuring Governor Mike rounds and Democrat Rick Weiland
Crunchy Conservatism
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Considering the Conservative Perspective
Elizabeth Roberts is not a conservative, but she stepped outside her comfort zone and looked at issues from a conservative point-of-view. You may be surprised by what she saw.
America's Independent Party
The AIP was established in 1968 by former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, who captured nearly 10 million votes during his presidential bid. The influence of the AIP has waned over the years, but its strong Christian conservative leanings enables it to still field local candidates. Its principles and its platform have Christianity as its foundation.
2014 Gubernatorial Election in Florida
Rick Scott is running for re-election to be Florida Governor and is likely to face either Charlie Crist or Nan Rich in the general election race.
Cultural Conservatism
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Is Ted Cruz Eligible to become President of the...
A look into the eligibility of Ted Cruz's potential presidential aspirations.
Myth: Conservatives are “Anti-government&...
A look at the myth that conservatives are opposed to all forms of government, as opposed to a smaller and more efficient government.
Obamacare: Affordable to Whom?
A real story about how Obamacare fails to be affordable, and fails to help people who need options the most.
A Political Portrait of NFL Star & American...
A political portrait of NFL Star & American patriot Pat Tillman by conservative illustrator Steenwyck. Page 8.
A Profile of Republican Massachusetts Sen....
A closer look at Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.
Key Arguments in the Abortion Debate from a...
A look at some of the key topics that arise during the ongoing abortion debate, with a highlight on restrictions sought by pro-life proponents.
Keeping Score: Sarah Palin's Winning Endorsements
A list of Sarah Palin's winning endorsements for the 2010 midterm primary elections.
A Biography of Conservative Hollywood Actor...
A profile of conservative Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, who died May 29, 2010.
Constitution Party
At its nominating convention n 1999, the US Taxpayers Party chose to change its name to the “Constitution Party.” Convention delegates believed the new name more closely reflected the party’s approach to enforcing the US Constitution’s provisions and limitations.
Liberty and Conservatism
What do conservatives mean when the reference liberty? Liberty to do what, exactly?
Conservative Perspectives on the Fifth...
Conservative perspectives on the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
2014 US Senate Election in Michigan
Terri lynn land and Gary Peters are battling for the open US Senate seat in Michigan in 2014.
A Look to the Future of Big Tent Republicanism
A look at the Big Tent philsophy within the Republican Party.
Top 10 Obama Gaffes
A list of the top 10 gaffes made by President Barack Obama during his first six months in office.
Why Conservatives are Skeptical of Man-Made...
A look into the reasons conservatives remain skeptical about global warming.
Conservative Perspectives on the First Amendment
Conservative perspectives on the First Amendment.
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