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Katy Abram: Why I Confronted Arlen Specter



The American political climate is clouded by chaos.

Amid the clamor for hope and change last year, many did not anticipate the outcome. This inevitably has led to bitter infighting among people dead certain about what they're against but uncertain about what they want.

Meanwhile, instead of fighting for what’s right and damning the consequences, politicians on both sides of the aisle are fighting for whatever will get them re-elected. Too often, they’re fighting for the D or the R that accompanies their name on the ballot, and it’s the issues that wind up damned, not the consequences.

I am tired of this political strife. Like many Americans, I no longer feel I am being represented by my political leaders. The prominent political parties kowtow to whomever screams the loudest, and that’s usually the moderates and the Far Left. I’ve been both a Democrat and a Republican. Both parties have left me feeling empty. As a conservative woman, I am a constituency without representation.

Since my first meeting with Sen. Arlen Specter at a town hall meeting in August, liberals have worked to apply every rule of in Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, starting with ridicule and name-calling. To hear them say it, I’m an “intellectual dwarf” on the “fringe” of the political debate, who spews “idiotic lies” and “needs publicity” because “she thinks she’s superior.” There’s more, but that’s the general gist. It’s apparent that these armchair activists don’t understand the meaning of my crusade for truth. Something is terribly amiss in our country, and it’s as palpable as daylight. I’m not looking for fame. I’m looking for answers. If that makes me stupid or puts me on the fringe of the national debate, so be it; there are plenty of like-minded folks who detest the notion of being dismissed as fruitcakes by members of their own government, and more and more of them are educating themselves and getting involved.

If I can step outside my comfort zone and confront our elected officials, then so can anyone else. I’ve been quiet for far too long, accepting the status quo no matter how frustrated it made me. Since stepping up and challenging my Senator, I’ve met others who have done the same thing. For decades, our political apathy has allowed the progressive train to move ahead at full speed, and now only our united participation will make it stop.

My mission in life is to inspire others to action. My goal is to awaken the sleeping giant that lives within each of us. I’d give up everything I own for the certain knowledge that my children will always be free of governmental tyranny. The spotlight has not been kind to me, and contrary to my critics assumptions, I do not bask in the glow of it. The criticism I’ve had to bear since my initial confrontation with Specter would have sent many running into the shadows for cover. Despite the criticism, however, I know in my heart I am fighting for what’s right … consequences be damned.

Let’s look to the things that bind us, not the things that separate us. We are eating each other alive as the country crumbles around us. Our founders envisioned a government where individual, private citizens would serve the common good politically then return once again to the privacy of individual citizenship when their period of service concluded. They developed terms of office to prevent the evolution of career politicians and ensure that those who created laws would have to live under them as well.

Unfortunately, career politicians evolved anyway and have enacted laws from which only they are exempt. Corruption is rampant, and they spend our money faster than it can be printed. They’re out of control, and they must be stopped.

If we can agree on this then let's fix the system together as Americans. Damn the consequences.

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