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Movie Review: October Baby

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Movie Review: October Baby
“Thank you for wanting me.” - Hannah in October Baby


October Baby is a pro-life film elegantly capturing the side of the abortion debate that is often ignored and dismissed in Hollywood. The independent movie had a limited-release run in theaters where it earned over $5 million and had the third-highest per-screen average on it's opening weekend.

The movie was made on a small-budget and stars newcomer Rachel Hendrix in the leading role. Overall, the movie is very well-acted and nicely shot. Despite being thematically about how abortion effects many people in different ways, the movie is not overly preachy. It is a touching movie that is definitely worth checking out, and could perhaps open some eyes to the realities of abortion beyond the "it's just tissue" pronouncements of abortion supporters.

Conservative Themes

The movie is primarily about the right to life, but it is also a story about forgiveness. In the movie, Hannah's biggest obstacle is ultimately being able to forgive her birth mother for the attempted abortion, which she finally does by the end of the film. She also grows a deeper appreciation for her adoptive parents as she tells them: "Thank you for wanting me."

Ultimately, the movie is about the consequences and effects of abortion. Not just on the survivor, but also on the original birth mother, the adoptive parents, and the nurse who was present at the time of the attempted abortion.

The movie also touches on the rights of a survivor of a botched abortion, and whether a child born after a failed attempt had the right to live. While President George W. Bush signed a law supporting living babies of botched abortions as human beings, as a state senator in Illinois, Barack Obama was one of only a handful of legislators saying that the child should not be protected even after birth when a similar bill came before his chamber.


The story centers on Hannah, a 19-year old student who has long suffered from a number of health conditions. One day, Hannah collapses on stage during a performance and has to go to the hospital. She then finds out that she was actually adopted and that her health problems are related to a failed abortion attempt. Hannah is initially angry at her adoptive parents for not telling her the truth and decides to set out on a mission to find her mother.

Hannah decides to go on a road trip with a number of friends, against her father's wishes, with the hopes of finding her birth mother and to find out why she wasn't wanted. Along the way, she meets the nurse who was present at her birth. We later learn that the event changed the nurse's life after Hannah's birth and she stopped working in an abortion clinic. Hannah eventually meets her mother, but never gets the answers from her she sought. Hannah eventually finds peace, learns the value of forgiveness, and is set free by her discoveries along the way.

Critical Reception

Not surprisingly, the media critics, who regularly fawn over Michael Moore "documentaries" and other socially liberal films, were not impressed with October Baby. The main character was derided as being "too wholesome" and unrealistic, apparently for not sleeping with her co-star and getting drunk with friends. Obviously, that's how every teenager would behave. It was probably just more of a culture shock in film to not see a main character have out-of-relationship sex for an entire movie. Note to liberals: Not everyone lives in an episode of the Real World.

Movie-goers, were far more receptive with 84% giving the movie a thumbs up according to Rotten Tomatoes and 73% of Internet Movie Database giving the movie at least a 7 out of 10.

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