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Conservative TV Review: Duck Dynasty


Conservative TV Review: Duck Dynasty

The Robertsons - Cast of Duck Dynasty

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Duck Dynasty is a 30 minute reality cable television series airing on the A&E Network. The show is regularly one of the highest rated shows on all of television, even topping the ratings of most broadcast television shows. The show is filmed in Louisiana.


Duck Dynasty follows the multigenerational Robertson family who earned a small fortune by manufacturing equipment for duck hunters, most notably their widely popular duck call Duck Commander. The main cast include Phil Robertson, founder of the business and his brother Si, who is known for wise-cracks and frequent usage of pop culture phrases. Phil's son Willie is now the CEO of the family business while brothers Jep and Jase help run it. The Robertson wives and children are also featured prominently in the show, as well as a number of Duck Commander employees. The Robertson men are noted for their long beards and Jase once joked about "facial profiling" after being kicked out of a fancy hotel when a staff member though he was a homeless man.

The show follows the Louisiana family as they work in the duck factory, go on hunting and fishing trips, and participate in the random adventures that have become staples of reality television fare.

Better than Other Reality?

Duck Dynasty certainly does not avoid the pitfalls of most other reality television shows. Like most shows in the same mold, Dynasty suffers from many obviously-staged scenarios that help the show lose some of it's realness. Willie Robertson is probably the worst at setting the scenes, as his "I'm shocked" routine is usually unconvincing. That said, it's practically impossible to avoid this problem in reality television. (Sarah Palin's Alaska might be the exception). And one thing that is undeniable: the family is a riot. You can't fake personality, and that is where the Robertson family is probably at their best. Charismatic, loving, and often-hilarious, the Robertson family wins for being who they are, even if they are stuck in a reality TV bubble.

Why Conservatives Should Watch Duck Dynasty

Most family reality TV shows are celebrity-based or sex-obsessed. Rather than focus on celebrity, Dynasty focuses on family and the struggle to keep a new generation of Robertson's from being lost to today's culture that too often celebrates a culture of sex and drugs and bad behavior. Instead, Dynasty celebrates the importance of family, modesty, and living a respectful life. The family is also very religious and not afraid to show their devotion to Christianity. To close each show the (very large) Robertson family gathers around the table and says a prayer before dinner. While their display of religion is non-shockingly ridiculed by critics and the media, it is still a very real part of who they are. Christianity is rarely shown in a positive light in Hollywood, so this is a positive start. While the family is not politically "preachy" during their show, they are well-known as conservatives and Phil has often spoken about his pro-life beliefs. Let's face it, watching programming tailor-made for conservatives is probably the only way to get more of it. And perhaps that is reason enough for conservatives to watch the show.

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