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President Barack Obama's 2009 Stimulus Package and its Economic Fallout

A Closer Look at the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


President Barack Obama's 2009 Stimulus Package and its Economic Fallout

President Barack Obama glares at a reporter during his first prime time press conference in the East Room of the White House on Feb. 9, 2009. Obama called on Congress to "swiftly" pass his economic stimulus plan.

Jim Watson/Getty Images
After the first bill passed the House without a single Republican vote on Jan. 28, 2009, it was apparent that President Barack Obama's rosy campaign rhetoric about a new age of bipartisanship was pretty much out the window and that his so-called "emergency" stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, would eventually become the law of the land.

Take a look at how conservatives felt about its development and implementation, and stay tuned to see whether it actually worked.

A 2009 Stimulus Package Report Card
Oct. 16, 2009
The federal deficit is expected to hit a whopping $1.42 trillion, the highest it has been in the nation's 233-year history, thanks to plunging tax revenues and a high-speed spending spree undertaken by giddy Democrats who had just been given the keys to the Treasury ...

Despite Weakened Dollar & Hurting Home Sales, Fed Outlook Stays Rosy
Sept. 24, 2009
It doesn't look good for the US economy, but you wouldn't know it by listening to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. According to a new report released this morning by the National Association of Realtors, the average price of a home dropped 12.5 percent over last year, while August's existing home sales declined for the first time in four months ...

Wall Street One Year Later: What Has Obama Learned?
Sept. 14, 2009
Amidst all his talk of health care reform, it seems the economy snuck up on President Barack Obama Monday, as the one-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse rolled around ...

Swindling Us With the Stimulus
July 10, 2009
In February, President Barack Obama went on national prime-time television to sell his stimulus package to the American taxpayer, arguing that its quick passage would mean immediate economic relief. Nearly five months later, the economy continues to sink while the jobless rate continues to rise ...

Chris Dodd's Bonus Loophole & FactCheck.org: The "Facts" Don't Jibe
March 23, 2009
In his zeal to defend Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd on March 19, FactCheck.org's Brooks Jackson left out some key points about the bonus loophole scandal. Dodd may have agreed to the wording "reluctantly," but he made no attempt to alert the American people to the fact, nor did he vote against the final bill. Dodd seems to forget why he's in Washington. Perhaps his campaign finance reports can explain ...

Christopher Dodd: Too Greedy to Serve, Too Dumb to Swindle
March 19, 2009
On March 17, Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd told the world he had no clue who inserted the dastardly, middle-of-the night stimulus package loophole that allowed AIG to pay huge bonuses to fleeing executives with American tax money. On March 18, he announced that it was actually him all along, although he never knew. What he did know, however, was that it had to have been done at the request of Timothy Geithner and the Obama administration.

Obama Signs Second Stimulus, Will Require Intervention
March 12, 2009
Despite saying he would go line-by-line through any legislation he received to eliminate waste, President Barack Obama signed the pork-filled $410 billion stimulus bill into law yesterday ... before the ink was even dry.

Another Day, Another $410 Billion
Feb. 24, 2009
Just a few hours after President Barack Obama announced his intention to cut the national debt in half, House Democrats brazenly unveiled a new scheme that would drive it right back up again.

US Spending: Is there an Exit Strategy?
Feb. 20, 2009
After president Barack Obama gets a $787 billion stimulus, he proposes a $275 billion mortgage bailout -- and doesn't rule out another stimulus package! Countries around the world likely to be affected by the choices made by the Obama administration are wondering: Who foots the bill?

Implied Liberalism: Stimulus Takes Effect Just in Time for Re-Election
Feb. 16, 2009
After getting its stimulus bill victory, the Obama administration immediately took to the airwaves, warning the American people not to expect too much too soon. Has it occurred to anyone that most of the legislation kicks in just about the time Obama and other Democrats are running for re-election?

The 2009 Stimulus Package: A $787 Billion Horror Story
Feb. 13, 2009
Call it the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre Part II" or "Revenge of the Democrats," but no matter how you look at the 2009 economic stimulus bill on this Friday the 13th in February -- it's a horror story.

Doorbells & the Economic Stimulus: What Obama Hasn't Told You
Feb. 11, 2009
The stimulus bill isn't so much about creating jobs, and it's less about creating fiscal stimulus. What the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is really about is implementing the Democratic agenda, and moving the country toward a liberal ideal.

The Gang of Three: Specter, Collins & Snowe
Feb. 11, 2009
They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Yesterday we found out Senate Republicans have three weak links: Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

GOP Cuts, Reductions and Increases in the Stimulus Package
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