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Top Conservative Movies (2012 Edition)

Movies for Tea Party and Conservative Americans


There are a number of movies made every year that are either geared towards conservatives or contain conservative themes, intentionally or otherwise. Most of the movies in this list contain elements of good versus evil, with the evil usually being government oppressors. All of the movies in this list come after the tea party revolution, so the relation to real world events is that much more apparent. (Related: View Top Conservative Websites and Writers.)

October Baby

An incredible, touching movie about life, love, forgiveness, and self-discovery, October Baby follows a young adopted woman, Hannah, who suffers from a number of ailments, including epilepsy. After a series of health-related episodes, Hannah discovers that she was adopted following a botched abortion attempt by her birth mother. The news shatters her initially, but she eventually sets out on a Spring Break road trip with her friends to search out her birth mother, and to understand what forgiveness is all about. October Baby is an inspiring film with a pro-life, pro-adoption message that really proves every life is beautiful.

Hunger Games

Watching the Hunger Games reminded me a lot of Ayn Rand’s novelette Anthem. Thematically similar to that book, the movie focuses on a controlling government who has ripped away the benefits of modern technology, capitalism, and freedom from citizens of the United States. The oppressive government and ruling class lives with all of the advances of human life that they deny the “ordinary” people.

The young stars possess a desire for freedom in a world where they are unable to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Obviously, the second amendment ceases to exist here. It’s a classic battle between the individual and an oppressive socialistic government. Or, better yet, a futuristic telling of the American Revolutionary War. While I doubt Hollywood intends to make movies where there hero might as well be a full-fledged tea-party member, it also proves what themese Americans instinctively relate to.

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Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

The ending of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 was powerful. The lead character, Dagny Taggart, rushes to the top of a mountain to see that a successful friend of hers has burned down his oil fields and left behind a message that said “I am leaving it as I found it. Take over. It's yours." A faithful retelling of the staple novel by Ayn Rand, the low-budget movie does well a stable of up-and-coming actors. The controlling, big government villains could easily be played by any anti-capitalist, anti-freedom liberal in the US Congress. Though the book was written decades ago, it sometimes plays out as a ripped-from-the-headlines criticism of the Obama administration and their policies.
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Iron Man 1 and 2

The themes in the Iron man franchise, like in the Hunger Games, show the instinctive nature of Americans and their view of the world. Despite being directed by ultra-liberal (and Obama speechwriter) Jon Favreau, the elements of capitalism and individualism, and lack of peaceful-negotiations, are apparent throughout. Iron Man might as well be known as Reagan Man, as he uses his suit in a peace-through-strength fashion to force the world super powers to create a treaty with one another. The movies also feature a government that aims to force Tony Stark to hand over his intellectual creations, a move that he opposes. The character of Tony Stark/Iron Man, played by out-of-the-closet Republican Robert Downey Jr., is one who you could easily see calling out the “limousine liberals” he is surrounded by.
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The Undefeated

While Sarah Palin remains a conservative and tea party favorite in the Republican Party, even many who like her have fallen for the line that she was too inexperienced or unaccomplished to be either vice-president or president. The Undefeated is a documentary that pretty much dispels all of the myths about Palin while highlighting the personal qualities, anti-establishment demeanor, and public ethics that made her one of the most successful and popular governors in the country. That the attempted character assassination by foes from both parties would happen is not especially shocking, especially after watching this movie. The documentary features commentary from conservative warriors including Andrew Breitbart, Mark Levin, and Tammy Bruce.
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Robin Hood

While many prefer to think of the character Robin Hood as one who “steals from the rich to give to the poor,” the reality is that Robin Hood steals from the oppressive, tax-collecting government and returns it to the poverty-stricken people the government took from. Perhaps the timing was just too right when the 2010 version of Robin Hood was released, right in the middle of the tea party revolution, because Russell Crowe might as well have been an Alaskan hockey mom with lipstick, getting ready to speak to a rally of thousands. While many Hollywood movies try to turn the villains into evil capitalists, the reality is it is only believable when government creates harsh, oppressive, poverty-ridden societies.
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Act of Valor

While not overly political, Act of Valor does a number of things. First, it makes any CGI-infested, over-the-top stunted action movies roll-your-eyes worthy. The action is real. There is no non-existent technology that makes every task far too easy to complete. The movie also shows the threat of having open-borders, as the SEALs are tasked with stopping would-be terrorists from bringing supplies across the Mexican-American border. Act of Valor shows the often-thankless work that is completed by our armed forces to protect us, and the sacrifices that only a few are willing to make. Act of Valor was the first instance in a movie theater that I have seen where the entire audience sat silent and unmoving as the credits rolled. Finally, it makes the arrogance of any person who would brag or take credit for the work done by the Navy SEALs seem that much more arrogant.
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