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Conservative Perspectives on the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights


1789 Copy Of US Constitution Once Owned By George Washington To Be Auctioned
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No other part of the U.S. Constitution is as controversial as its first ten amendments, most commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights. Conservatives are very defensive of the Bill of Rights and believe that they are responsible for ensuring the freedom of the American people. This is why conservatives are often so protective of these rights and vocal opponents of any attempts from left-wing activists to water them down.

Article I: The Right of the People to Have the Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press and Assembly

Article II: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Article III: Protection from Forced Quartering

Article IV: Protection from Unreasonable Search & Seizure

Article V: The Right to Due Process and of Protection Against Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination and Eminent Domain

Article VI: The Right to Counsel, a Speedy Trial, a Jury of One's Peers and the Enumeration of One's Rights

Article VII: The Right to a Civil Trial By Jury

Article VIII: Protection Against Excessive Bail and Cruel or Unusual Punishment

Article IX: Protection of Rights Not Granted by the Constitution

Article X: Preservation of States' Rights
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