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The Basics of Conservatism


What does it mean to be conservative in America? What distinguishes one type of conservative from another? What is the relationship conservatives have with President Barack Obama?
  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Types of Conservatives
  3. Conservative Myths
  1. Beyond Republicanism
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  3. A Glossary of Conservative Concepts & Terms

The Fundamentals

Being conservative in America goes well beyond wedge issues like abortion and religion. The modern conservative movement is much more diverse than many people outside the movement may realize. Those interested in knowing what makes a a conservative lean to the right, would do well to check out these key terms and concepts.

Types of Conservatives

There is wide debate within the conservative movement over how differing ideologies can fall under one common category. Certain conservatives may doubt the legitimacy of others, but there are arguments for each view.

Conservative Myths

In America, most people equate a political "conservative" with "right-wing nut-job." This is primarily because people are vastly misinformed about what it means to be a political conservative in the United States. These are the most common myths surrounding the conservative movement.

Beyond Republicanism

Although the Republican Party is the political party that most often represents the conservative point of view, there are a variety of political organizations that represent conservatism. These links provide a vast array of viewpoints for those looking to get involved with the conservative movement.

Conservative Resources

For those who feel like getting involved in the conservative movement, there is an entire world of information on the web. This list should get anyone new to the movement headed in the right direction.

A Glossary of Conservative Concepts & Terms

To understand specific parts of the conservative agenda and key concepts and terms of the movement, it is important to have a working conservative lexicon.

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