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Former Obama Supporters Now Backing Romney

A Look at the Newspapers and Figures Who have Switched Sides


Former Obama Supporters Now Backing Romney

Mitt Romney in Iowa

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There have been a number of newspaper editorial boards, politicians, celebrities, and business leaders who have changed from supporting Barack Obama in 2008 to supporting Mitt Romney in 2012. Below is a list of some of the more prominent names who have jumped shipped and publicly backed Romney for president. There is also a website set up for everyday voters who now back the Republican challenger.

Orlando Sentinel

The editorial board of the central Florida newspaper switched their support away from Obama in 2012 noting that “Romney has a strong record of leadership to run on. He built a successful business. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and mismanagement. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a Democrat-dominated legislature to close a $3 billion budget deficit without borrowing or raising taxes… This is Romney's time to lead, again.”

Reno Gazette-Journal

In an editorial titled “Nevada needs a change now, elect Mitt Romney President” the moderate paper hit Obama’s failings: “A vote to re-elect Obama promises four more years of the same. In the two debates between the two candidates so far (a third, on foreign affairs, is scheduled for Monday), the president has shown little understanding of how his failures are affecting the nation, and he hasn't offered any tangible proposals to change course.”


After backing Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Al Gore in the last three presidential elections, the Nashville-based paper shocked readers, stating that it was “Time for another change” and backing Governor mitt Romney. They added: “It is because the economy is paramount that The Tennessean endorses Gov. Mitt Romney for president. President Obama and Gov. Romney have different jobs plans. Yet, neither can actually create jobs, despite what they say in speeches and debates. Mr. Romney has the business experience that gives him better understanding of the needs of real job creators.”

New York Observer

“America needs a strong leader, a practical leader... Mr. Romney knows full well that it would be a tragic mistake to simply assume that the United States will continue to be the world’s economic powerhouse simply because that’s what we’ve been for decades.”

Houston Chronicle

"We do not believe four more years on the same plodding course toward economic recovery is the best path forward for Texas or the nation. And so we endorse the Republican team, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, in the belief that they can do better by Texas and the nation."

Artur Davis, 2008 Obama Campaign National Co-Chair

Davis is a former Democratic congressman from Alabama who was one of Obama’s earliest supporters in 2007, and he was even selected as an Obama national campaign co-chair. Davis slowly began to distance himself from Obama following his 2008 win, even voting against Obamacare. He later spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention in support of Mitt Romney. As part of his pitch: “Sometimes in this country, we don't focus a lot on people's experience and their resume. Mitt Romney would be the most experienced executive to be nominated since 1952. The fundamental task for the next president is going to be fixing things, cleaning things up, being a turnaround artist, if you will.

Buzz Bissinger

Bissinger is author of Friday Night Lights. Romney has used the quote “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose,” which came from the TV series of the same name based on Bissinger's book. Says Bissinger: "At the debate, Romney did not simply act like he wanted to be president. He wants to be president. He showed vigor, and enthusiasm, and excitement, a man who wants to lead. It may all be ephemeral, because most of politics is ephemeral, a cynical means to the end of getting elected. But he also revealed compassion that, during the entirety of this absurdly long march, had never been in evidence before. He recognized the needs of the poor. He recognized the need for regulation."

Barney Bishop

Bishop is the former chairman of the Florida Democratic Party: “President Obama’s policies over the past four years have failed to deliver on his campaign promises... At a moment when Americans are looking for someone who will offer practical solutions, [Romney's] experience turning around troubled situations, in both the public and private sector, uniquely qualifies him for the White House at this critical moment.”
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