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All the Updates for the 2014 Mid-Term elections

Hub for information regarding the 2014 elections

2014 US Senate Race Ratings
Race ratings for all 35 US Senate seats for the 2014 elections. GOP has a shot to pull out a win, but no room for error.

2014 US Senate Poll Tracker
Polling data for the US 2014 Senate races and projections of control of the Senate based on those polls.

US Senate Election 2014: Louisiana
Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is one of the top targets for Republicans in the 2014 elections as they aim to win back control of the US Senate.

Charlie Crist: A Gift for Scott?
Charlie Crist and Democrats think they will waltz back into the Governor's mansion in 2014 and take out sitting Republican Rick Scott. So, will they?

Oklahoma 2014: US Senate Special Election

2014 US Senate Election in Alaska
Preview of the 2014 US Senate race in Alaska featuring Democratic incumbent Mark Begich and Republican challengers Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and Joe Miller.

2014 New Hampshire Senate Election
Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is running for re-election to the US Senate in New Hampshire in 2014, and likely hoping that Scott Brown is not her Republican opponent.

US Senate Election 2014: North Carolina
A handful of North Carolina Republicans are aiming to take on Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan for the US Senate seat. Thom Tillis and Greg Brannon lead the way.

Conservative Profile: Oklahoma Republican TW Shannon
TW Shannon is the Speaker of the House in Oklahoma and candidate for the US Senate in 2014. He is attempting to be the first black American elected to the Senate from Oklahoma.

2014 Kentucky Senate Election
The 2014 Kentucky Senate race is expected to be between Mitch McConnell and Alison Grimes, though Republican matt Bevin hopes to play primary spoiler.

5 Gubernatorial Race to Watch in 2014

A list of 2014 races for Governor. There will be 36 gubernatorial elections in 2014 featuring a number of key matchups.

US Senate Election 2014: Arkansas
The US Senate seat in Arkansas held by Democrat Mark Pryor will be one of the top targets for Republicans in 2014, who hope Republican Tom Cotton can defeat the incumbent.

Q&A With Katrina Pierson, 2014 Congressional Candidate
Q&A with congressional candidate Katrina Pierson who is challenging Pete Sessions in the Republican Primary for the 32nd Congressional District in Texas.

Myth: The Tea Party Lost the 2012 Senate Elections for the GOP
The GOP and the media continue to push the false narrative that the tea party is costing the establishment elections.

2014 US Senate Election in Michigan
Terri lynn land and Gary Peters are battling for the open US Senate seat in Michigan in 2014.

2014 US Senate Election in Colorado
Preview of the 2014 US Senate election in Colorado featuring incumbent Democrat Mark Udall and Republicans Owen Hill and Cory Gardner.

2014 US Senate Race in Georgia
Preview of the US Senate race in Georgia for 2014 featuring Michelle Nunn and a whole slate of potential Republican and conservative candidates.

2014 Gubernatorial Election in Florida
Rick Scott is running for re-election to be Florida Governor and is likely to face either Charlie Crist or Nan Rich in the general election race.

2014 US Senate Election in Iowa
Preview of the 2014 US Senate race in Iowa featuring Bruce Braley, Matt Whitaker, Joni Ernst, Sam Clovis, and Mark Jacobs.

2014 US Senate Election in South Dakota
2014 US Senate election in South Dakota featuring Governor Mike rounds and Democrat Rick Weiland

2014 Senate Race in Minnesota
Preview of the 2014 senate race in Minnesota featuring Al Franken and a handful of Republican challengers.

Top Issues in the 2014 Midterm Elections
What to look for during the 2014 midterm elections

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