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2014 US Senate Election in Michigan
Terri lynn land and Gary Peters are battling for the open US Senate seat in Michigan in 2014.
2014 US Senate Poll Tracker and Projections - Conservative Politics
State by state polling data for the US 2014 Senate races and projections of control of the Senate based on those polls.
2014 US Senate Election in Alaska - Conservative Politics - About.com
Preview of the 2014 US Senate race in Alaska featuring Democratic incumbent Mark Begich and Republican challengers Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell, and ...
About the U.S. Senate - US Government - About.com
The U.S. Senate is the upper legislative chamber in the federal government. It's also the more powerful body, with just 100 members. Each state is granted two ...
What Is a Filibuster in the US Senate? - US Government - About.com
A filibuster is a tactic in the legislative process sometimes used in the U.S. Senate by opponents of a bill to block its passage. A Senator, once granted ...
Senate Agenda: Daily Activities of the US Senate - US Government
Jan 3, 2015 ... Summary of the daily scheduled activities of the U.S. Senate.
House & Senate - US Government - About.com
While it often seems overly time-consuming, the US legislative process requires both a House and a Senate. Why did the Founding Fathers do that?
The US Senate - Getting to Know Your Government - US Politics
The Senate is one branch of the United States Congress, which is one of three branches of government. On 4 March 1789, the Senate convened for the first time  ...
US Congress Salaries and Benefits - US Government - About.com
Salaries and benefits of members of the U.S. Congress have been the ... Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.
Requirements to be a United States Senator - US Government
The Senate is the United States' higher legislative chamber (the House of Representatives being the lower chamber), containing 100 members. If you have  ...
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