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The Conservative Case Against Teachers Unions
When labor unions first began forming they existed for good reasons: To protect workers against brutal employers who abused laborers, refused adequate ...
Women and Labor Unions - Trade Union Organizers - Strikes
Women's trade unions, women in unions, the impact of unions on women and women on unions, and key women labor leaders.
Women and Unions - Early Efforts - Lowell Mill Girls Organize
In 1844, Lowell Mill factory workers organized the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association (LFLRA) to press for better pay and working conditions.
Highlights of Late 19th Century Women's Labor Organizing
Some highlights of American women's labor organizing in the late 19th century: ... The first two national unions to admit women were the Cigarmakers (1867) ...
The Labor Movement's Early Years - Economics - About.com
Unlike labor groups in some other countries, U.S. unions sought to operate within the existing free enterprise system -- a strategy that made it the despair of ...
About the Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) - Women's History
In the early 20th century, labor union organizers and wealthy supporters joined together to support women's unions and to improve working conditions for ...
African Americans and Labor Unions - African-American History
Sep 6, 2010 ... What was the role of African Americans in labor unions during this era? During the early years of the labor union movement in the United States ...
States Ranked by Labor Union Representation - Liberal Politics
Top 20 states with workers represented by labor unions, and including state unemployment rates.
Women and Labor in Early America - Women's History - About.com
... Discrimination Issues · Women and Labor Unions - Trade Union Organizers - ... In the 1840s and 1850s, as the Industrial Revolution and factory labor took ...
Labor Unions: Is This the End? - Construction - About.com
Mar 24, 2011 ... The End of Labor Unions? Union Workers by Greene/Ellis. Labor Union workers have been part of the construction industry for hundred of ...
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