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US Conservative Politics August 2011 Archive

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Michele Bachmann vs. Herself: The Rise and Fall of a Republican Star

Monday August 29, 2011
Two weeks after Texas Gov. Rick Perry's announcement for the Republican nomination for president, Michele Bachmann is little more than an afterthought despite being, for all intents and purposes, a ... Read More

Obama Camp Confuses President's Record with Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Tuesday August 16, 2011
An Obama campaign message predicting a George W. Bush-like presidency for Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), should he win the presidency, hit email inboxes Tuesday morning throughout the Lone Star State. Positioning ... Read More

While Pawlenty Picks Fights, Bachmann's Conservative Star Rises in Iowa

Thursday August 11, 2011
With the eyes of Iowa focused squarely on the Republican debate Thursday, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann left Iowa State University standing a little taller. As predicted, the barbs were sharper and ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: On Social Issues, Religion

Thursday August 11, 2011
10:26 p.m. EST: "We now know, for example, there really were Communist spies. We need security provisions across the board to ensure people are loyal to the United States," Newt ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: Foreign Policy and National Security

Thursday August 11, 2011
10:06 p.m.: "We have helped the people of Afghanistan establish freedom from the Taliban. This is not something we are going to do forever," former Gov. Mitt Romney ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: On Perry and Palin

Thursday August 11, 2011
10:01 p.m.: "I am very pleased [Texas Gov. Rick Perry] is coming in, because he represents the status quo while I have my my strong beliefs in personal liberty." 10:02 p.m.: ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: Romney Targeted for 'Liberal' Record

Thursday August 11, 2011
9:50 p.m. EST: "Mitt, look, Obamacare was planned after Mitt's plan in Massachusetts. For anyone to say there are not similarities would be incredible," said former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, comparing ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: Pawlenty, Bachmann Battle Begins Anew

Thursday August 11, 2011
9:41 p.m.: "I agreed to the cigarette fee, I regretted that," Pawlenty said, when faced with a question regarding passage of a tax on cigarettes when he claims to have ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: On Immigration

Thursday August 11, 2011
9:33 p.m. EST: "I want the best and brightest to be metered into the country," said former Gov. Mitt Romney. "We love legal immigration, but we need to secure the ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: On Rocky Starts, Records

Thursday August 11, 2011
9:27 p.m. EST: "Like Ronald Reagan who had 13 senior staffers quit...like John McCain who had to run an inexpensive campaign, I intend to run on ideas," said Newt Gingrich, ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: Bachmann, Pawlenty Wrestle

Thursday August 11, 2011
9:16 p.m. EST: "I do not think Congresswoman Bachmann's headaches" are an issue, Gov. Tim Pawlenty said, but believes her lack of executive experience will hurt the party's chances of ... Read More

The 2011 Iowa GOP Debate: On Debt, Economy

Thursday August 11, 2011
Welcome to About.com's live coverage of the 2011 GOP presidential debate, hosted this evening in Ames, Iowa on the campus of Iowa State University. Watch the coverage on FOX News ... Read More

Dramatic Iowa GOP Debate Expected Tonight, Sans Perry

Thursday August 11, 2011
Tonight's third GOP debate between Republican presidential challengers is expected to draw nearly 10,000 Iowans and the attention of the nation as the primary race unofficially begins. The debate will ... Read More

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