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US Conservative Politics December 2007 Archive


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Panic Time in the Hawkeye State

Thursday December 27, 2007
With the Iowa Caucuses just days away, the places the GOP candidates are campaigning is just as telling as what they're saying on the campaign trail. For example, former Massachussets Gov. ... Read More

And Then There Were Seven ...

Saturday December 22, 2007
Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo officially dropped out of the Republican Presidential race Thursday (Dec. 20, 2007), according to this story at CNN.com, and now the field of GOP candidates is ... Read More

Winning Without Principles Isn't Really Winning

Friday December 14, 2007
If George W. Bush's presidency has taught conservatives anything, it is that they must be much more circumspect when picking a candidate for the 2008 presidential election. If winning is the ... Read More

E Unum, Pluribus?

Tuesday December 11, 2007
All too often conservatives are demonized as having ethnocentric (even racist) views when it comes to the heated issue of immigration. Many people just cannot understand why conservatives feel so ... Read More

Not Another Liberal-Induced Scandal

Sunday December 9, 2007
Liberals and conspiracy theorists are having a blast with recent claims that the CIA destroyed video tapes depicting the alleged "waterboarding" torture of two al Queda suspects. At first blush these ... Read More

Thompson Goes Negative With Style

Sunday December 2, 2007
Of all times to go negative, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson chose the CNN/YouTube debate on Nov. 28, 2007. But why? After all, Thompson recently earned the coveted National Right To ... Read More

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