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Dustin Hawkins

Texas Congressional District #32: Assessing Katrina Pierson's Primary Challenge to Pete Sessions

By January 9, 2014

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Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson is running for Congress in Texas and wants to oust incumbent Republican Pete Sessions in the GOP primary. We asked Katrina some questions about her campaign and why she believes Sessions - who has been in office since 1997 - needs to be sent into retirement.

The challenge is probably not a welcome one by Speaker Boehner and company who don't believe incumbents should be challenged. I don't believe political seats should be for life, but I also see the need for occasionally, and enthusiastically, backing candidates conservatives often disagree with. (Scott Brown's possible US Senate New Hampshire campaign comes to mind as he currently seems to be the best shot to force the Democrats waste a lot of resources).

The 32nd Congressional District in Texas is a fairly safe Republican seat. Sessions won re-election by 19 points in 2012, while Mitt Romney carried the district of President Obama by 16 points. So here, the primary winner will likely win the general election either way and the loss of the seat is not really a major concern. So we say let the best candidate win. Primaries are good. They keep politicians honest and it holds them accountable to their constituents. Pierson has already picked up the backing of Michelle Malkin and Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz who has become a bit of a rock-star himself. We wouldn't be shocked to see some more big endorsements coming her way in the next few months and anything can happen.

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