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Mark Pryor Thinks Obama is his Problem in Arkansas?

By August 3, 2013

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As we mentioned earlier, Tom Cotton will be challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor for the US Senate seat in Arkansas in 2014. And Pryor apparently thinks that if he loses, it will be because of anti-Obama sentiment in the state:

Pryor said he believes Cotton is primarily motivated by opposition to President Barack Obama, who remains deeply unpopular in Arkansas. Pryor questioned what Cotton would do after the president's term ends in 2017.... "The other thing is if you look at [Obama's] policies, he just doesn't offer a lot to states like Arkansas," Pryor said. "He doesn't offer a lot to rural America. I've encouraged the White House to remember rural America and remember small -town America. They just don't have a lot of policies that are geared toward middle America."

I haven't really followed Pryor much in Arkansas. I do know enough about him to know that he voted for Obamacare and that he poses as - or heck, maybe even believes he is - a "blue dog" or "conservative" Democrat. So, I checked out his interest group ratings to see if he aligns with conservative Arkansas. Keep in mind, this is a state that Romney won by almost 25 points in 2012. I was actually shocked at how liberal Mark Pryor is:

(Note: all interest group ratings were compiled at the resourceful Project Vote Smart website and are the most currently available ratings for that group, unless otherwise noted)

Liberal Groups

NARAL (Pro-Abortion Group) - 100% Rating in 2012, 2011, and 2010
Planned Parenthood (Pro-Abortion) - 78% Lifetime Rating
National education Association (Anti School Choice and Vouchers and opposes teacher accountability) - 100% AFL-CIO - 86% Lifetime Score
Americans for Democratic Action - 70%, 90%, 85% last 3 cycles
NETWORK ("Social Justice") - 83%

Conservative Groups

National Taxpayers Union (Anti-Tax) - 22%
Americans for Tax Reform (Anti-Tax)- 20%
American Conservative Union - 16%
Club for Growth - 23%
Eagle Forum - 6%
Heritage Foundation - 15%
FreedomWorks - 15%
Republican Liberty Caucus (Libertarian-leaning) - 28%
Gun Owners of America (Pro 2nd Amendment - 0%
Family Research Council - 0%
Concerned Women for America - 0%
Citizens Against Gov Waste - 9% Lifetime Rating!

This is worse than Dennis Kucinich, Chuck Schumer, Henry Waxmen, Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy! And - wait for it - twice as bad as then-Senator Barack Obama's 18% rating. Yet, if Pryor loses it will be Obama's fault... right?

First Pryor and the Democrats attacks Tom Cotton for being power hungry in having the audacity to challenge Pryor. This alone is interesting considering that after the Sept 11, 2011 attacks Cotton decided to enlist in the Army while Pryor (still in his 30s) decided to enlist in the US Senate primary the same year. Now, Pryor is trying to distance himself from Obama despite virtual rubber-stamping his policies for 5 years? Sure, Pryor occasionally votes like a "blue dog" Democrat when a bill will pass or fail with or without his support. But when it counts? Well, he votes for stuff like Obamacare.


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