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Super TWOsday!

By February 3, 2008

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FOX-TV plans to mingle Super Bowl coverage with Super Tuesday political coverage

Thank you, FOX-TV!

As a hopeless political junkie and a fevered football fan, FOX-TV is making it possible for me to discuss my two favorite topics in one blog.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

The network is making history today by combining Super Bowl XLII coverage with a lengthy preview of Super Tuesday. The Clinton-Obama and McCain-Romney rivalries will get as much play as the rivalry between the New York (football) Giants and the New England Patriots.

FOX's decision to combine coverage of these two great American events is perhaps the most laudable example of pro-active broadcast journalism I've ever seen. With voter turnout in the US reaching record lows in recent years (even when the Oval Office is up for grabs), FOX is taking a hands-on approach to effectuating change.

Maybe it won't matter that much. Maybe people still won't care. Maybe they'll change the channel when the political coverage spreads across their television sets. Somehow I don't think so. Either way, at least FOX executives can say they tried to make a difference. By putting the 2008 presidential campaign before nation's biggest TV audience, the network gives US citizens their best chance to understand the issues, recognize the candidates and make a decision.

Obviously, the network has it's own reasons for making the Super Bowl broadcast unique. As this New York Times story points out, the twin coverage no doubt means a healthy payday for the FOX brand. Whether it's good business or good journalism, the real winners of the Super Bowl this year may just be the American public.

Prediction 2008

Super Bowl:
New England: 27, New York: 30
As a responsible journalist, I'm obligated to divulge that I'm rooting for the Giants, merely because I am a long-suffering Philadelphia Eagles fan and the Giants represent our division (the NFC East). If the Giants win, Eagles fans can not only say we beat the eventual Super Bowl champs, we also can claim a small measure of retribution for the Eagles' heart-breaking defeat to the Pats in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Republican Nomination (by percentage of total delegates):
John McCain: 57%, Mitt Romney: 25%, Mike Huckabee: 12%, Ron Paul: 6%

Democratic Nomination (by percentage of total delegates):
Hillary Clinton: 55%, Barack Obama: 45%

November General Election (by number of states):
McCain: 32, Clinton: 18

Photo: Paul Spinelli/Getty Images

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